Credit for messing up? Not from me!

Jerry DavisBy now we’ve all heard about the ill-fated $500,000 grant awarded to a well-connected non-profit (maybe) group, the United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Foundation.         

The foundation, with the half million, was to help persuade more people to hunt, fish, and trap in Wisconsin’s outdoors.  They, however, have no track record of doing that kind of work.

But before we pat someone on the back for rescinding the grant, remember those who looked the other way when it was sailing through the political channels, the state budget, various committees, senators and representatives.

Can anyone spell line-item veto?  Can anyone shout out their senator or representative and ask, can you read?  Can you think for yourself?  Or is it all about party and money?

Most certainly any state politician who calls themselves a hunter, or even hunts, should be hanging their head for the rest of their term.

Even when this grant proposal ended up in the Sporting Heritage Council, only one individual had a bullet to say no, and vote no.

Now, talk about putting a spin on an embarrassing situation.  A really bad deal, something that each of our senators and each of our assemblymen or assemblywomen should have smelled as foul, went through the mill.

So should we congratulate the governor for finally saying no?  Of course not.  He gave it a pass at least twice.  And only after nearly every Tom, Dick and Sally took notice and said, “Say what?”

Those individuals, clubs and organizations who routinely send out "atta boys" for any move made by the  current administration seem to have remained silent on this one, from the start.

It’s time we try harder to hold elected folks more accountable, regardless of the side of the aisle they sit on.

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