South Dakota GFP Bringing Flying Carp to State Fair

PIERRE, S.D. – The Game, Fish and Parks Department will once again have aquarium displays open for visitors to the South Dakota State Fair from Thursday, Aug. 29, through Monday, Sept. 2.

This year GFP will feature live Asian carp in one display.

“Asian carp are an aquatic invasive species that have moved from the southern United States into South Dakota waters. We want to stop the spread. GFP has been working to educate the public on the dangers that these fish pose to our native fish populations,” GFP Communications Manager Chuck Schlueter said.

“The fish are noted for their extreme jumping ability, so it will be interesting to see how they handle being in the confined spaces of the cement holding tank in front of our booth,” Schlueter added.

The GFP booth and district office are located just off Third Street on the Fairgrounds in Huron.

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