Illinois Cuffs & Collars – August 22nd, 2013

Region I

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a report of two elderly gentlemen missing on the Illinois River. They had left their residence the day before and had not returned. Neither man answered his cellphone. The Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies had located their SUV and trailer in Hennepin. After a short search they were found fishing about one mile south of Hennepin. They said the fishing was so good they decided to sleep on the boat. They did not have any cellphone service where they were fishing. The officers told them they should have a float plan whenever they go fishing – e.g. let their relatives know where they are going and how long they will be gone and also to call their relatives if they change their plans.
A District 6 CPO attended training in preparation of a Hell’s Angels event in northern Illinois.
Two District 6 CPOs responded to a 29-foot boat stranded on the Illinois River. The boater was not familiar with the river and got stuck in a shallow area while attempting to enter a yacht club. Members of the club, along with the officers were able to tow the boat into deeper water.
A District 6 CPO was contacted by Illini State Park staff. They had an individual who had been in the campground for eight days and had not paid for the site. The staff had tried to make contact with the individual, but he was never at the site when the staff went by. They had also left several messages on the camper’s door, but the individual never contacted the staff. The officer went to the site and was able to identify the individual by the registration on the camper. The officer contacted a local police agency who gave the officer the individual’s contact information. The officer was able to contact the individual by phone. The officer explained the consequences of leaving the campground and not paying. The individual met with the park staff and paid the next day.
A District 6 CPO cited an individual for illegally parking in a fire lane at the Starved Rock Lodge. The vehicle was illegally parked for over two hours.
A District 6 CPO received a complaint about loud campers that were illegally consuming alcohol against posted regulations. A CPO responded and cited a site holder for possession of alcohol against posted regulations. The campers dumped out their alcohol. The site holder also had too many people on their campsite and was informed that they had to purchase another campsite for the extra people and vehicles. The site holder purchased another site, but only moved vehicles to the site. At 11:30 p.m., CPOs noticed too many people on the campsites and that they were again in possession of alcohol. The suspects were evicted from Starved Rock State Park.
A District 6 CPO attended court for two individuals contesting no fishing license tickets. The individuals showed up to court with fishing licenses, but the judge noticed that the fishing licenses were purchased two hours after they were issued citations. They were found guilty.
A District 6 CPO cited an individual in a restricted area of Starved Rock for possession of less than 2.5g of cannabis (hashish) and possession of drug paraphernalia. The male claimed it was someone else’s drugs that were located in his pants and cigarette pouch.

Region II

Two District 2 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Chain O’ Lakes. Numerous watercraft were inspected and multiple citations and written warnings were issued for boating infractions.
A District 2 CPO issued citations and written warnings to three individuals fishing without permission at a gravel pit in McHenry.
A District 2 CPO issued a citation to a fisherman at Moraine Hills State Park for possession of a 61⁄2-inch largemouth bass where the limit is 14 inches.
A District 2 CPO issued a citation to a boat operator on Lake Defiance at Moraine Hills State Park. The operator was lacking a lifejacket for one of the other individuals on the boat. A written warning was also issued for overloading of the watercraft.
While working Kankakee River State Park, a CPO observed a group of subjects swimming and drinking in a restricted area (the park has an alcohol ban). While observing the subjects, the officer watched as a female subject was sitting in the water, holding a six-month-old child while she and her boyfriend smoked marijuana. Members of the group were also observed littering and polluting the waterway with their beer cans. Upon making contact, it was learned that one of the subjects was wanted on three warrants (two for possession of marijuana offenses and one for a DUI offense). The subject wanted on warrant advised that he was “caught” with pot at Starved Rock and couldn’t make it to his court date. In addition to the warrant, arrests were made for possession of alcohol in a restricted area, littering, polluting the waterway, and five drug arrests were made.
A CPO arrested a subject at Stratton Park in Morris for DUI. The subject refused to submit a breath sample.
A CPO responded to Braidwood Lake to a complaint of a person that was overheating. The male subject was transported to the hospital and treated for dehydration and heat exhaustion.
Two Lake County CPOs investigated a fatal boat accident involving three young boys that tipped over in a canoe. It occurred in a private retention pond in McHenry County. One 12-year-old boy couldn’t swim and drowned shortly after capsizing.
A Lake County CPO observed a boat without registration numbers on the Chain O’ Lakes. The operator failed field sobriety tests and blew a 0.158 percent BAC. He was issued citations for the OUI and failure to display registration numbers.
A CPO issued citations for a short northern pike and a short largemouth bass to two subjects at Des Plaines pond in Wadsworth.
CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Chain O’ Lakes on July 12. The patrol resulted in numerous vessel inspections along with two citations and seven written warnings for boating violations.
A CPO was conducting boat safety inspections at Chain O’ Lakes Boat Ramp. One boat failed to possess a waterway sticker. The operator failed sobriety tests and ultimately blew a 0.085 percent BAC. He was arrested.

Region III

A District 19 CPO was working the west side access of Clinton Lake when a boat approached the launch.The operator got out of his boat and talked with a site technician.The site tech informed the officer that the operator seemed very intoxicated. After the CPO made contact with the operator he found he was OUI. He registered a 0.189 percent BAC.
A District 19 CPO received a complaint at Weldon Springs State Park Campground. The complainant stated that the campers next to her partied until 2:30 a.m. When she went and tried to nicely ask them to be quiet the partiers very rudely told her to be quiet. After she went back into her trailer she looked out her window and saw one of the partiers urinating on her trailer. When confronted the registered camper admitted to the violations. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 19 CPO made an arrest of two subjects while checking fishermen at Homer Lake. The two male subjects were cited for possession of cannabis and possession of paraphernalia.
A CPO handled a boat accident in Shelby County on Lake Shelbyville where a Missouri man’s boat began taking on water, swamped and then rolled over. The boat was totaled and was later refloated and removed by the Shelby County Dive and Rescue Team.
A CPO arrested a Decatur woman for speeding and driving without a valid driver’s license in Wolf Creek State Park in Shelby County.
A CPO and a sergeant, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County, arrested a Sullivan man for operating a watercraft under the influence with a 0.115 BAC and several boat violations.
A CPO and a Sgt., while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County, arrested minors for possession/consumption of alcohol:Sullivan female with a .101 BAC and an Arcola male with a .111 BAC.

Region IV

The Monroe County CPO and district sergeant worked Frank Holten State Park and Horseshoe Lake State Park on a Friday, which typically has a low number of park visitors but which was very productive from an enforcement perspective. One subject was taken to jail on two warrants, four subjects were cited for no fishing license, one subject cited for littering, one subject cited for no child restraint device in vehicle for a 4-year-old child, and one subject was arrested and jailed for being in the park after hours and possessing drug paraphernalia and felony possession of methamphetamine and felony possession of a controlled substance. In addition, numerous warnings were issued for no fishing licenses, underage possession of alcohol, and no valid driver’s license.
A Madison County CPO attended the Illinois Youth Police Camp at Principia College. The educational trailer was used to teach at-risk youths about the work Conservation Officers do. Other departments attending included the DNR Fisheries, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ISP, Madison County Bomb Squad, Alton K-9, and the ARCH helicopter. Approximately 85 youths were at the week-long camp.
After severe storms hit the area, metro CPOs were called to assist with motorists trapped on the highways in flash flood conditions on a Saturday. The next day, storms hit again in the Metro area. CPOs cleared debris and trees that had fallen over the roadways and checked the safety of park visitors.
While assigned to work Lake Lou Yaeger, a Montgomery County CPO assisted the U.S. Marshal Service in apprehending a fugitive.
CPOs were on boat patrol on the Mississippi River in Calhoun County when they observed a subject on a personal watercraft jump the wake directly behind a barge. They stopped the subject. The subject was 14 years old and had not been through a safety class. He was with his stepfather, who had jumped the wake earlier, fell off, and couldn’t restart his personal watercraft. The stepfather thought it was fun and had no idea about boating laws or how dangerous jumping the wake was. 
A CPO was on patrol at Pere Marquette State Park when he received a call from Jersey County stating someone had just dumped two chairs along Route 100. The CPO located the vehicle a couple of minutes later. Two subjects admitted to taking money from a subject to haul the chairs away. They decided to dump the chairs and keep the money.
A CPO stopped a vehicle for speeding at Pere Marquette State Park. One of the passengers was wanted on a warrant for truancy.
A CPO was patrolling a state area when he ran a registration plate. The registered owner was wanted on a warrant and had a suspended license. Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver was identified as the registered owner. The passenger was also wanted on a warrant. During a search of the car, the CPO found two pipes and cannabis.
A CPO was patrolling Jersey County and stopped a vehicle with a defective windshield. The driver was suspended and did not have insurance.
CPOs assisted the Missouri Water Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard in searching for a woman who fell off the Golden Eagle Ferry. Due to high water and swift current, it was impossible to dive or drag for the body. The body was located a couple of days later 50 miles down river. CPOs also assisted by giving a breath test to the operator of the ferry and gathering information from the workers on the ferry.

Region V

A CPO assisted the ISP and Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in recovering a man’s body from Crab Orchard NWR. It is believed the man passed from natural causes and fell into the water. ISP is investigating the incident.
A CPO recovered the carcass of a dead adult bald eagle on Interstate 57 in Alexander County, presumably struck by a vehicle.
District 16 CPOs attended firearms transition training at Ten Mile range.
A CPO observed two subjects operating watercrafts then having difficulty loading the boats at Kinkaid Lake ramp. Each subject had a boat that they had been operating. The CPO contacted the operators and inspected their equipment. He suspected one of the subjects was intoxicated. The Missouri subject failed field sobriety testing and was arrested for OUI. He was transported to Jackson County and registered a 0.088 percent BAC. CPOs retrieved stranded boaters from the north end of Rend Lake during inclement weather.
A CPO and a sargeant attended a detail meeting in Effingham County to discuss the upcoming Lake Sara Fireworks.
A CPO is investigating damage that was done to the Tunnel Hill Trail picnic facility at Stone Fort.
A CPO charged a fisherman who was in possession of two largemouth bass under the legal length limit.
A CPO was working the Tunnel Hill Trail for ATV use when he came upon two subjects riding their ATVs on the road near the trail. Both were cited.
A sargeant and CPO trained with the McCracken County, KY Sheriff’s Office on sonar and recovery. 

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