Finger Lakes/Southern Tier Fishing Report – August 22nd, 2013

Cayuga Lake: Trolling down 70-100 feet over 80-120 feet of water with spoons or flasher and flies, fished off downriggers, copper wire, or Dipsey divers is still working for lake trout. Vertical jigging is also producing lakers in 90-105 feet of water. Atlantic salmon and some brown trout are being taken on spoons fished 35-55 feet down over 60-120 feet. Bass and panfish are being caught on the north end in 10-15 feet.
Round gobies are now being caught in the lake. Gobies are bottom-orientated fish and if fishing with live bait like nightcrawlers, raise baits 18-24 inches off bottom to avoid the bait-stealing gobies.

Seneca Lake: Water fleas and weed mats have been less of a problem over the last week. If fleas are still making trolling difficult though, see Cayuga Lake above for suggestions on dealing with the fleas. Trolling down 50-65 feet with downriggers, or with wire and Dipsey divers is producing a mixed bag of brown and rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon and even some lake trout. Lake trout are also being taken 90-120 feet down over 120-250 feet of water on spoons and flasher and flies. Running Dipseys back 250-285 feet has been a good starting point, as is running copper out 300 feet. Vertical jigging in 95-115 feet of water with plastics is also working for the lake trout.

Canandaigua Lake: A few rainbow and lake trout were being taken 40-70 feet down over 180-250 feet of water.

Keuka Lake: Anglers vertical jigging with plastics in 65-100 feet are still catching lake trout. Tubes and fluke-style plastics continue to work well. Trolling is also working for anglers fishing spoons or flasher and flies 65-75 feet down over 100-165 feet of water.

Owasco Lake: Fleas and weed mats were still making trolling more difficult. Anglers trolling down 50-60 feet over 120-150 feet of water with spoons or flasher and flies were getting some lakers, along with an occasional rainbow.

Otisco Lake: Some walleye were still being taken by anglers trolling down 25-30 feet with crankbaits, stickbaits or worm harnesses. A few brown trout were also being taken by anglers trolling stickbaits or spoons at the same depths. Look for bass near shore and along the weed edges. A variety of baits should work this time of year, from spinnerbaits, jigs, and plastics to topwaters.

Skaneateles Lake: Young of the year yellow perch are large enough, that trout and salmon are feeding on them. Fishing small spoons or stickbaits down 35-50 feet have been working for lake trout. Smallmouth bass are being taken on tube jigs, Senko-style baits and drop-shot rigs in 5-25 feet of water.

Susquehanna, Chenango, Tioughnioga and Unadilla rivers: Look for walleye in the deeper holes with jigs, crankbaits or nightcrawlers. Try topwaters, spinnerbaits or tube jigs for the smallmouths.

Whitney Point Reservoir: Walleye and smallmouths are hitting crankbaits either, cast or trolled. Good colors have been perch patterns. Also, look for walleye along the old river channel with jigs tipped with nightcrawler, or a simple worm harness.

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