Concerns with Elk Import to Wisconsin

Jerry DavisSometimes it is not what is said, but what is not said, which says volumes.

Recently, Wisconsin Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel, according to a news article, was unhappy with a plan announced in the state budget to import up to 150 elk from Kentucky to Wisconsin.

Brancel’s concern, which I believe is justified at this time, is with importing elk that could be bringing animal diseases with them, particularly if those diseases impact the agriculture industry.

Those are all valid concerns, particularly when Wisconsin is trying to sidestep dealing with chronic wasting disease by taking a more relaxed approach.

But where was DATCP’s concern when domestic elk and deer were being brought into the state?

Or where were the open discussions a decade ago when it was clear there could be some crossover between Wisconsin’s wild deer and domestic deer and elk?

If there is to be a moratorium on wild elk coming into Wisconsin, should not there be as big a concern about the domestic deer and elk that are here, some of which were brought here?

Maybe there is that concern and maybe that is okay if there is a more private, but equally firm manner and concern to deal with the domestic deer and elk that might be brought in, or who is already here.

It’s time the DNR and DATCP work together, in earnest, to deal with domestic animals and wild animals.  But that’s difficult when there are so many pushing to domesticate and privatize wild animals.

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