Farewell to Wisconsin's Deer Registration Traditions?

Jerry DavisCan you hear me now?

That could be the most used phrase each November when gun deer hunters call from a hidden coulee or box canyon to register their deer.


Those involved in implementing the Deer Trustee Report seem to be charging full bore into an electronic age and as far away from tradition as possible.

These individuals want to follow the turkey registration process and have hunters call in their successes.

These individuals (or committees) want to eliminate in-person registration and the stations where it has been occurring.

  • What about the traditions of visiting these stations?
  • What about the educational value to young hunters?
  • What about the economic importance of bringing hunters to businesses?
  • What about the collection of data, sometimes tissues, for scientific documentation of deer killed?
  • What about the believability of the deer kill figures?

Those reasons seem not to have been good enough reasons for wanting to keep stations open, so try this one on for size:  Where will the media go to talk to hunters?

Where will the television stations stop to get hunters on film or to get the DNR secretary on digital “film” with her deer?

Seriously, what kind of coverage will there be for this huge event many folk have been talking about since 1851?

Just think about what a season would be like if we eliminated all the things we hear about while registering a deer, all the stories that come out of these stations, all the television clips and newspaper articles that originate from these stations.

Can this outdoors activity survive without news coverage?

Can this outdoors activity survive with the media only talking to a public relations person, high on a floor in a Madison office?

Can the traditions continue?

Yes, but only if there are common meeting locations (stations) where actual data are shared by actual hunters.

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