Deer Season is Closing In

Keri ButtAs my fingers fly, there are less than three months remaining until Oct.1, a sacred day to many of us that will kick off the 2013-14 Illinois bow season.

In my opinion, last year’s season was just plain weird. Some hunters saw tons of deer. Some saw little to none. Some hunters were privy to lots of rut activity, while others saw nil. Personally, and unfortunately might I add, I was on the “none” side of the spectrum for the most part. I saw two shooter bucks. The first was too far of a shot for me to take, as he strutted by at about 60 yards behind me, having what I believe was a good laugh at my expense.

The second buck was massive and barreling straight for my stand around 6:30 in the morning. The rush I got from seeing the bruiser was insane. Never since I began hunting have I witnessed a buck come in that hard and fast. It’d been a couple years since I’d shot a buck, so I was more than willing. As the buck kept coming, I fumbled to get my release clipped to the string. He closed the gap, and jumped over the path, which put him at a perfect 23 yards. There he stood, tired and bleeding from his right side…… and, there I sat certifiably confused. It turned out that he’d already been shot…by my brother. Well, like the ol’ saying goes, “the lucky hunter gets the buck!” (Okay, so I just made that up!) I just hope this year, the treestands are reversed!

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