Wisconsin's Gov. Walker delays implementation of motor trolling ruleWisconsin's Gov. Walker delays implementation of motor trolling rule

Dean BortzGov. Scott Walker cited a lack of public input on motor trolling compromises as the main reason he asked the DNR on Thursday, June 25 to delay implementation of the statewide trolling rule from 2014 to no earlier than at least 2015.

Since any changes to the trolling rule will come back to the 2015 spring hearings, at the governor's request, any rule changes would most likely not occur until 2016 or later.

At its May meeting, the Natural Resources Board (NRB) adopted a DNR recommendation for a statewide motor trolling rule that would have allowed trolling with three lines per person beginning in 2014 in all but the 16 counties that opposed motor trolling at the April spring hearings. In those 16 counties, the DNR and Conservation Congress worked out a compromise that would allow motor trolling on all waters in those counties, but trolling would be limited to one line per person. NRB Member Jane Wylie came to the May board meeting with a similar proposal.

This week the governor's office contacted the DNR's legal team to inform the agency that Walker wanted all trolling rule changes pulled from the DNR's rule package. The governor's office said there was not enough time provided for public input between the Conservation Congress's convention in early May – where the one-line compromise for the 16 counties was hammered out – and the May NRB meeting where the rule was approved. The DNR will begin the rule process all over again by returning a new proposal to the NRB at its August meeting.

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