Illinois Cuffs & Collars – June 14th, 2013

Region I

A CPO completed 12 hours of watercraft enforcement over four days on Pierce Lake in Winnebago County. Violation(s) documented include: fishing without fishing license(s), unnumbered watercraft, insufficient number of PFDs, violation of posted No Wake Zone, operation of motorboat without a fire extinguisher, no sounding device on motorboat, and unlawful possession of alcohol in a state park where posted prohibited. 
While patrolling in Rock Cut State Park, a CPO observed a vehicle travel past without a front license plate displayed. The stop for this offense revealed the driver did not have proof of insurance for her auto.
While checking shore fishermen along the Kishwaukee River in Winnebago County, a CPO came upon three Chicago suburb men fishing; one of whom was arrested for unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.
An investigation regarding the abandoning of a fiberglass boat on a farmer’s field in Winnebago County resulted in the CPO locating the offender in Iowa and charging that man under the Litter Control Act which also resulted in the man removing the vessel from the property where he had dumped it.
A complaint of littering from a motor vehicle from a bicyclist in Rock Cut State Park resulted in a traffic stop by a CPO of the suspect vehicle. Violations addressed and documented by the CPO included: depositing injurious material upon highway, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle, failure to wear seat belt – driver and front seat passenger – improper display-no front license plate, driver’s license not on person.
An investigation involving a sale of a watercraft in McHenry County by a Winnebago County resident ended in the CPO arresting the seller for failure to provide certificate of title of boat upon sale. An additional violation of failure to transfer certificate of title/number within 15 days of acquiring was also addressed with the seller. 
While conducting turkey hunting compliance checks, a District 1 CPO issued a Galena man a ticket (entering a closed area) and two written warnings (dog off leash). During a compliance check a turkey hunter stated a man with two dogs stumbled upon his hunting location. The two dogs proceeded to disturb the hunter’s decoy, essentially ending the hunt. Winston Tunnel is closed to non-hunters until 1 p.m. daily during the spring turkey hunting season. An interview revealed the man knew the area was used for turkey hunting and he had observed the hunter’s vehicle prior to entering the woods. He stated he was looking for morel mushrooms.
While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, a District 6 CPO stopped a vehicle for speeding. During the course of the traffic stop the CPO learned the driver was suspended. The CPO arrested the Rockford man and lodged him at the Winnebago County Jail for the above listed offenses.
While arriving at Rock Cut State Park after a boat patrol on the Pecatonica River, two District 6 CPOs received several complaints of a boat creating a wake on Pierce Lake. The reports were that the boat was racing up and down the lake, almost capsizing other vessels. Pierce Lake has a no wake provision for watercraft with motors of 10 hp or more.  Once on-scene, the CPOs located the boat making the wake. The vessel was a two seat, pleasure boat with an inboard jet motor of approximately 230 hp. An inspection of the vessel resulted in the following violations:  no wearable PFDs, no fire extinguisher, uncovered battery terminals and a no wake violation. Appropriate enforcement action was taken against the two separate boat operators involved in this incident.
A CPO received a complaint of a recreational boat with seven occupants appearing intoxicated shooting a rifle at plastic targets on a sand beach with other people in the area on the Illinois River near Pekin. Two CPOs contacted the boat on the water towing a tube.  After conducting a boat inspection, numerous boat equipment violations were found like having only one lifejacket for seven occupants and an unloaded rifle was found near a passenger. The operator was arrested for OUI and had a BAC of .198, which is twice the legal limit. Eleven citations were issued and everyone got off the water safely.
While checking fishermen at Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO located four subjects fishing along the Rock River. Approaching the subjects, the CPO could smell burning cannabis. Reaching the subjects, one subject was arrested for the illegal possession of cannabis. The subjects also had fishing and park violations.
A District 1 CPO assisted during the recent POWER test given to new CPO applicants.  The nearly 100 applicants who scored an A grade on the written test were invited to participate in the POWER test. The following day, the SWIM test was administered to those passing the POWER test. An interview, psychological exam, and medical physical are to follow in the testing procedures to be considered a candidate for the DNR Conservation Police who anticipate hiring a class of 15 in the fall of 2013.
A District 1 CPO responded to a horse riding accident at Morrison Rockwood State Park.  A turkey spooked a horse on the trail causing the horse to throw the rider to the ground.  The rider suffered a broken leg and was airlifted to a hospital in the Quad Cities.
While conducting a boat safety inspection, a District 1 CPO observed young children in a boat without life jackets. The CPO asked how old the children were and the parents explained they were 4 and 5 years old. The driver of the boat was cited for the children not wearing lifejackets. Other written warnings were issued for various equipment violations.
A District 1 CPO observed a man and women fishing off a wing dam north of Savanna. As the CPO approached, the male subject sat down on the ground placing the fishing rod on the ground by him. The CPO asked for licenses and the male subject said he wasn’t fishing. The CPO explained she had been watching him fish for a while and maybe they should start the conversation over again giving him a chance to be honest. The male subject explained he did not have a license because he thought he was revoked for child support. An inquiry made by the CPO showed the man was not revoked and a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license was issued.
A CPO patrolled DNR District 7 area waters checking fishermen and boats for compliance. Areas covered included Snakeden Hollow, Spoon River State Forest, Victoria PHA, Buffalo PHA, T-Lake PHA, Pheasants Forever Fields, Lake Storey, Lake Rice, Lake Bracken, Spoon Lake, Spoon River. Some minor property damage was discovered on a recently opened Pheasants Forever property. Forever Fields has been made available to the public for fishing and other activities through the IRAP program administered through the DNR. Someone had pulled two cattle gates off the posts near the parking lot. Pheasants Forever was advised of the damage. 

Region II

No reports.

Region III

CPOs arrested a Marshall man in Lincoln Trail State Park in Clark County for being a registered sexual predator present in a state park.
A CPO arrested a Charleston man fishing in Camp Canfield on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County wanted on a Coles County warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia and not more than 2.5 grams of cannabis.
A CPO cited a Springfield man and a Schaumburg man for turkey permit violations on Hidden Springs State Forest.
A CPO arrested a Mattoon man at Lake Paradise for no fishing license, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and not more than 2.5 grams of cannabis.
A CPO arrested a Mattoon Man at Lake Paradise for DUI, illegal transportation, no valid registration driving a Polaris RZR on the roadway. The passenger, an O’Fallon man was issued a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Region IV

A District 10 Officer investigated a dumping case at Sangchris Lake State Park. A pickup truck load of soggy drywall was dumped near a boat launch. An interview was conducted at a business in Springfield. The business admitted to hiring the lawn care person to clean out the dry wall and paid extra to ensure the refuse was disposed of properly.  The clean-up crew was contacted. The dry wall got cleaned up and enforcement action was taken. 
A District 10 CPO is investigating a boating incident which occurred on Lake Sangchris.  The initial report was three missing after their watercraft was capsized. All occupants were located and reported safe.
District 10 CPOs issued multiple citations in an ongoing investigation into the illegal use of snares in Logan County. Two Logan County subjects were arrested and received multiple charges including the unlawful take of white-tailed deer, unlawful use of snares on property without permission, and trapping during closed season. Additional charges may be forthcoming.
A District 10 CPO investigated a complaint of ongoing hunter interference in Menard County. No charges were filed but the situation will continue to be monitored.
A District 10 CPO investigated a complaint of unlawful burning and use of ATV on a DNR Natural Area in Mason County. No charges filed at this time.
Several fishermen were checked for compliance with fishing regulations in Sangamon County, six were found to be fishing without required license. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 10 Officer made a presentation about PFD safety to The Land of Lincoln Power Squadron to kick off their National Safe Boating Week. The National Safe Boating Campaign brings together boating safety partners across the U.S. and Canada to promote safe and responsible boating, including voluntary wear of life jackets. “Ready, Set, Wear It” campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of wearing a life jacket.
A District 10 officer presented the wildlife trailer at a Safety Day in Spaulding. Several high school students from three schools visited the trailer along with displays from other law enforcement agencies.

Region V

A CPO was patrolling Ferne Clyffe State Park when he stopped a vehicle for speeding and cracked windshield; it was later discovered the driver did not have proof of insurance, had not updated his current address with the SOS and his driving privileges were revoked.  The I.D. card he offered to the CPO had also been expired for over a year.
A CPO conducted sport fishing and boat inspections at Pyramid State Park and surrounding lakes. Several violations were noted as a result of the inspections. The violations included PFD violations, and fishing without permission.
Region 5 CPOs concluded firearms qualifications including retired officers at the Ten Mile Conservation Area. CP0s instructed at the range.
CPOs were called out during a flash flood event in Fayette County where a motorist and passenger attempted to drive through high water and became stranded. They were able to wade the rising water to a bridge. A traditional prop boat could not reach the stranded motorists due to low water areas adjacent to the high waters. The CPOs launched the airboat and were able to get to the two subjects and transport them to safety.
A CPO was patrolling Wayne County when he observed a vehicle stop and pick up a box turtle from the road. The CPO stopped the vehicle and found four subjects in the vehicle with two loaded shotguns. One of the subjects had killed a turkey earlier in the season and did not report it.
CPOs were patrolling on Kinkaid Lake when three subjects operating all terrain vehicles were observed on Forest Service property adjoining the lake. The subjects had crossed onto a point on the lake and had to come back out the way they had been observed going in. The subjects were stopped coming back out and explained to the CPOs that a passing fisherman warned them the officers were coming so they thought they would come back out and face the consequences.  The subjects were each cited for unlawfully operating an ATV on public property.
A CPO arrested a Perry County man for possession of a crappie over limit at Pyramid State Park.

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