Wolf litigation cost DNR $40,000-plus since 2012

St. Paul — The DNR has spent more than $40,000 to defend against litigation aimed at stopping the state’s hunting and trapping season for wolves. And it may not be over yet.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals last week dismissed a petition by Howling For Wolves and the Center for Biological Diversity that challenged the process the DNR used in implementing the season.

The figure includes more than $35,000 in attorney fees to the Attorney General’s office, and more than $5,000 in DNR staff time, according to Ed Boggess, DNR Fish and Wildlife Division director. The staff time does not include activities like managing the season, or setting up the ELS system for it, since those would have occurred whether there was a lawsuit or not.

All of the money spent on litigation comes from the Game and Fish Fund, which primarily is composed of hunting and fishing license fees.

“It’s a significant dollar amount for defending against the state suit that’s been going on for six months or so,” Boggess said.

Though the Appeals Court ruled against the two groups, they still could appeal their case to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

That would increase the legal tab even more.

“We feel this has run its course, but you never know for sure until all the potential appeals have been exhausted,” Boggess said.

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