New Lures for 2013

It’s a routine every year. As soon as ice starts thinning, I slip down into the fishing “bunker” in my basement and start to sort tackle. Inventory is taken, and packaged lures are unsheathed and assigned proper spots inside my tackle assortment. The event is intoxicating, as I picture what each new lure might produce.

Check out some new items below to add to your own tackle mix, and don’t be afraid to try something new. You might just find a lure that becomes a regular in your lineup and not just a designated


The patent-pending Scatter Rap crankbait features a balsa body with a curved or “scatter lip,” which creates the most evasive, erratic, aggressive sweeping action ever seen – almost completely on its own. Just cast and start cranking. It’s ideal for nearly all game fish and can be cast or trolled.
This game-changing lip is available in a minnow, shad, and rap style, too, with the wide range of colors for which Rapala is famous. Break away from the pack and get scattering.


The new mid-size Freak will dive 8 to 12 feet deep and is a perfect search bait for bass. The flat tail and straight bill angle allow it to be thrown a mile. This crankbait has great deflection and water displacement and gets down fast so it hugs the strike zone longer.

DWAZ lures

The “Tail Gunner” has a tantalizing spinner tail, along with deadly color combinations on with a naturally shaped minnow head that crappies can’t resist. Three unique color patterns are available on these quality, hand-tied jigs.

Uncle Josh

Leakin’ Livers uses all-natural ingredients, like chicken livers, blood, garlic, or fish oil, depending on the flavors. The baits are easy to get on your hook without the mess of dip baits and pure chicken livers. There are 15 pieces per pack.
New to the Uncle Josh “Meat” series is the Diamond Frog, which has a streamlined profile for easier penetration through vegetation, and less resistance in the water. Scented pork without the rind, this piece of meat is super soft, yet durable and can be hooked anywhere on the chunk. Realistic action and buoyancy make it a great trailer for spinnerbaits and jigs.

JB Lures

The Slow Death Plus propeller rig has the proven attraction of Mustad’s Slow Death red hook, which delivers a unique corkscrew action that all species of game fish respond to – particularly walleyes. This proven platform is further enhanced with beads and a propeller that provides the profile and feeding cues that big fish find irresistible.


The Frog Popper is the topwater bait anglers have been craving. Incredibly life-like details make it deadly in even clear water, and with the silhouette being in a simulated fleeing look, the big boys crush it. It’s available in five realistic leopard frog colors.

Bass Pro Shops

The Tournament Series Micro Spin Lures are incredibly versatile, multi-species in-line spinners available at a reasonable price. The most popular and effective colors are combined with an aggressive vibrating blade, and an undulating hackle tail that will provoke strikes and be your ticket to landing boatloads of fish.

Nauti Lures LLC

The Nurse Barely Legal is a 71⁄4-inch bucktail in red and white that drives muskies and big pike wild. A 5/0 treble hook and two No. 5 blades are standard, while the custom red and white skirt seals the deal.


Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed lures are available in floating and floating deep-diving for deadly action regardless of the depth the fish are holding. The floating model is a “walker bait,” featuring a unique triangle lip design, which allows the lure to be fished slowly. The Deep Diver version dives deep and stays there, attracting multiple species. Both feature new jointed, natural minnow-shaped, bodies, which produce a responsive darting action, further enhancing the 3D Prism effect. 


The new PsychoDad has huge, round claws that act like swim-bait tails and actually “paddle” when you swim the bait. An exclusive built-in rattle chamber is unique and big enough to hold a 7-mm rattle. The “Dad” also has extra plastic on its tail which holds it up on straight shank punch hooks with the barb keeper – no more baits balled up at
the hook bend. Also great for Carolina rigs and Chatterbait trailers.

OB Baits Co.

The Pride Stick is a SENKO-like bait available in 5- and 6-inch models and five sweet colors. They work great for wacky rigging, or on a fine hook for drop-shotting. They hold up great and are scented for finicky fish.


The hydro-dynamic shape of the Pop N’ Skater easily produces fish-catching “walk the dog” and “long skating” actions, while its tail-weighted balance maximizes casting distance. The meticulous paint job is outdone only by the sophisticated design. It puts fish in the boat.


The Havoc Devil Spear is making plenty of noise on bass circuits thanks to its unique design that fish aren’t used to seeing. In its regular, or 3.5-inch finesse version, it works great for a variety a presentations. When rigged down the side of the bait, the Devil Spear Jr. moves through the water by using a swimming motion. If the bait is rigged down the center, an angler can expect more tail flap when going through thick cover.


The Fat Papa 55 weighs in at 5⁄8 ounce and will dive to 10 feet when fished on 10-pound-test line. It’s fishable right out of the package, with no tuning required, and has a strong, wide wobble that has a distinct rolling action. The Fat Papa 55 is equipped with rattles and two No. 4 Gamakatsu treble hooks.



For 2013, Lindy introduces a smaller version of its Watsit Jig with a thin, undulating tail, critter legs, and big, bulging eyes. It looks like an unholy union of a crawfish and a minnow, but there’s no doubt fish look at it as a meal. The subtle tail movement and vibrating legs make it appear extremely lifelike, and at 1⁄32-ounce, it’s a perfect target for all panfish.

RC Tackle

The RC Swim Jig is unique compared to others in that it’s engineered to be perfectly balanced and won’t roll on the retrieve. It’s designed to be fished horizontally and uses a special plastic keeper that holds your trailer up and straight. A quality Mustad hook ensures maximum penetration even on a long cast. The jig comes in 1⁄4-and 3⁄8-ounce sizes and is available in 18 chip-resistant colors.

Bait Rigs Tackle Co.

The Slo-Poke Long Shank (LS) Jig is the ideal swim jig for 4- and 5-inch jerk-shad-type plastics. It features a high-performance 4/0 Mustad Ultra-Point hook, 60-degree forward eye, and a double bait keeper system designed specifically for narrow-bodied swim baits. It can be fished on the retrieve or vertically and will stand up when dropped to the bottom.

Reef Runner

The Mini-Rip is a tiny version of the popular deep-diving Reef Runner that has caught game fish for years. It’s great for bass, trout, walleyes, and even crappies. It may be small, but it gets deep, when trolled, with a maximum depth of 15 feet.


Within the Yakima family, Hildebrandt’s new double-deep spinnerbait runs deep and true to get after big bass that shy away from skinny water. Weighing in at a full ounce, you can cast it a mile, and the tin head provides a nice, big target to crush. Tons of tentacles on the skirt ad bulk and a sweet action hogs can’t resist. It comes in 11 colors.


The popular Williams Wabler will be offered in two new colors for 2013 in several sizes (W40, W50, and W60.) They are multi-color painted finishes on a honeycomb large scale pattern base: candied ice silver/pink-blue and envy copper-bright green-orange.


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