Waukesha County voters support trolling, but reject crossbow 'full inclusion'

Dan DurbinWaukesha County outdoors-minded people made up 190 of the 6,069 people who attended the annual spring fish and game hearings held on April 8.  For the most part, their votes concurred with the bulk of the state findings, save for when it comes to trolling with three lines per person on inland lakes.

When it came to trolling, 90 Waukesha people voted to make it a statewide deal, while 50 voted against it.  Statewide, 2,775 people said no to statewide trolling while 2,391 wanted it.

The vote is not surprising because Waukesha County has Pewaukee Lake, which has got to be the most-pressured muskie lake in the state.  Trolling is permitted on Pewaukee and the muskie population is doing just fine.  In fact, other area lakes like Okauchee, Oconomowoc, and La Belle see plenty of planer board action, too, and don’t seem to be suffering any ill affects.

As expected, “muskie counties” like Vilas, Oneida and Bayfield voted against trolling, but the largest swing came in Dane County, where 410 voted against statewide trolling, compared to 119 in favor.

Probably the hottest topic was the Natural Resources Board advisory question placed on the agenda by NRB Member Greg Kazmierski, who asked if crossbow use should be given full inclusion during the archery season – one license, any age and for the full season.  Waukesha followed suit with the state total in that the advisory didn’t pass – but not by much – in a vote of 85 to 62.  The state was divided, too, with a vote of 2,479 to 2,277 against the idea.

The hearings have come and gone for another year.  Some of these questions will no doubt be in place next year.

Now we have to wait and see if the Legislature decides to make any laws of its own, regardless of the findings from the hearings.

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