Silence is not necessarily golden when it comes to the DNR

Jerry DavisThis year I have read in newspapers numerous times about people complaining that the Department of Natural Resources is doing this or doing that.

I wish those criticisms were true, and we could put the blame on those DNR folks, but in many cases we cannot.  In fact it is worse, much worse.

Most of the changes in regulations, or not reacting to proposed changes, do not start with and certainly does not end with the DNR.  At least the men and women who have the most knowledge about fisheries, endangered resources, wildlife and law enforcement are uninvolved or have a very limited involvement.

Maybe you noticed a year or so ago, when the gun casing law was discussed.  It resulted in major changes as to whether or not we would be required to have rifles and shotguns in cases while inside a vehicle.

Regardless of whether someone was for or against making it OK to have an uncased deer rifle in a truck, don’t you think it was a wee bit strange we didn’t hear from DNR law enforcement on this issue?

Like so many of the recent changes, most in the DNR are not free to comment, or certainly are not free to testify as laws are discussed at public hearings.

When new seasons or regulations are proposed by senators and representatives, I would like to hear first from the people who have been hired by the state, and are required by the state, to manage wildlife, for example.

It’s almost like a fireman going to a house fire, but being told they cannot use their equipment to put out a fire.

Read carefully any future news stories that are written about a DNR employee who retires and then is able to discuss freely the last years of their employment.  This is when we learn who does and who does not make recommendations regarding new regulations.

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