Spring transition is great time for bass anglers

Cory YarmuthThis is a transition time of year for Illinois lakes and ponds — as well as for bass.   It’s a time when the water temperatures are beginning to rise and the weed growth is very sparse and small. 

 Prior to this transition, however, the bass can become quite active and feed heavily on the forage that presents itself.

The bass are not going to travel quickly or long distances to chase down food.  Being opportunistic feeders this time of year, the bass is going to take advantage of the food source that presents itself as the easiest target.  The bait that best fits this situation is the old standby the crankbait.

Color is an important factor in what you should choose. Pay attention to the water clarity and the amount of sunlight you have.  You want to offer bait that will have the best profile under water and offer the best target for these fish. Slow methodical retrieves with pauses will put a crankbait at the right depth and will keep it in the strike zone much longer

In the early spring you want to look for shallow rocky shorelines or rocky points, muddy bottoms in clear water and wood structures such as dock pilings or downed trees.  The sun beating down on these areas will warm them quicker.  These areas will absorb the suns rays and heat up quickly and will also retain that heat into the dark of night.  

Early springtime can be a very productive time for bass, especially for those who take advantage of the action that others pass by, as many believe that the water is too cold.   Now is the time for you to prove them wrong.  Get out there, dust off those long rods and start cranking! 

Good Luck and good Fishing!

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