Cybering Up a Turkey Tag

Kristen MonroeI missed the December spring turkey tag application deadline, so I was forced into purchasing a leftover permit "over-the-counter" at the last minute, or maybe, more aptly, the first minute – the first minute they went on sale. The leftover tags are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Procrastination is not a good idea if you want to obtain a tag in your desired zone or time period.
I have plans to shoot a turkey in Zone 1 with Dean Bortz this year, or at least try to.  He was very specific in making sure I knew how to purchase a license and tag online. “It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the DNR website before buying a last-minute turkey tag. Have your debit card handy,” said Bortz. The remaining turkey tags went on sale for Zone 1 on March, 18 at 10 a.m. I was hoping for Zone 1, Period 3 (April 24-30) tag.
Well, suddenly it was the morning of March 18 and I never got a chance to familiarize myself with the site. I was on my way home, driving in the snow, and according to my Garmin the ETA was 9:54 a.m. That meant I had just enough time to get home, power up my laptop, get to the DNR website, and buy my tag. The $3 convenience internet purchase fee was the least of my worries.
I made it home on time without hitting any red lights, or dawdling snow plows.  I did, however, encounter some troubles with the internet. The system must have been overloaded because it persistently booted me off the site. I’ll just call the DNR and get my permit by phone, I thought. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. The DNR phone line was busy.  All I could do was picture Bortz giving me guff if I missed my opportunity for a leftover tag. I was nearly in a state of panic when suddenly my sale went through online. After my third attempt at entering my information and credit card number it finally went through. Phew! I got my golden ticket in my preferred zone and time period.
Explore the DNR website.  It will be helpful with time sensitive permit and license purchases. Plus, there is some pretty useful information to discover. I could have missed my tag opportunity if I hit the red lights and didn’t know my way around online. Check this link to see the current turkey tag availability

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