Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Seeks Deer Hunters for Regional Working Groups

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is encouraging deer hunters to apply for one of three regional working groups currently being formed throughout the state. The goal of the working groups is to bring together hunters to discuss deer management strategies and regulations as part of the department's comprehensive deer management review process.
Hunters selected for these regional working groups will evaluate public input relating to deer management and will interpret the results of hunter surveys. They will also evaluate data relating to current harvest regulations and season structures and provide feedback to the department.

"Hunters frequently express to us an interest in becoming more directly involved in deer management decisions," said Adam Murkowski, Fish & Wildlife's deer project leader. "This is a great opportunity for deer hunters across Vermont to make their voice and the voices of their fellow hunters heard. The results of the comprehensive review process will impact future deer hunting regulations in Vermont so it is important that hunters are actively engaged throughout this process."

The regional working groups are designed to represent areas with similar deer densities and land uses. Vermont's valleys and foothills on the eastern and western portions of the state are each represented by one working group, while the central mountains and Northeast Kingdom are joined to make up the third working group.

Working group members will meet four times between the end of March and September. Once hunters have been selected for each working group the dates and times of each meeting will be determined.

Hunters interested in learning more about Vermont's comprehensive deer management review process and the regional working groups should visit the department's website .

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