Fond du Lac gets "WOW" (Women On Winnebago) started

Kristen MonroeI hate to miss out on anything, especially when it involves ice, chain saws, and more than a dozen other outdoorswomen media members. While I was working the booth at a sport show, my fellow outdoorswomen were slicing into the 18 inches of ice on Lake Winnebago ice acted as a barrier between the women and the prehistoric-looking lake sturgeon that they were seeking.
Winnebago-Fond du Lac Convention and Visitors Bureau president Craig Molitor and sales director Carrie Stollenwerk created a brilliant event just for women. This year Molitor and Stollenwerk kicked off a new branding campaign for Fond Du Lac that is called Women on Winnebago, or “WOW.” Molitor realizes that hosting media events is a great way to spread the message about the area and its rich history and recreational outdoor activities. He is capturing attention of the hook-and-bullet crowd and focusing on the female demographic. After all, many women are the ones who plan the family vacations. “Sturgeon spearing is like duck hunting through a chimney. So when someone actually brings one onto the ice, it’s a huge celebration,” said Molitor. “We thought it would be a unique event to invite female outdoor communicators from all over the country.”
Luckily, I have another chance of attending a WOW event since the Fond du Lac visitor’s bureau plans to host a couple of WOW events a year. Perhaps it will be turkey hunting, open-water fishing, or ice fishing. I never knew that finding a place to legally spear for sturgeon is rare.  Lake Winnebago is one of only two places in the world where you can do that, and Wisconsinites have that unique opportunity right in our own backyard. You would need to purchase a license well in advance – the deadline is Oct. 31 each year. Visit the Wisconsin DNR website for more info here or go to the Fond du Lac web site.

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