Promise Yourself to get Outdoors

Jerry DavisMany outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, like most folks, are not much into making resolutions for a new year.  Neither am I.

So I’m giving future plans, hopes and wishes a different title and suggesting outdoors folks consider the rest of 2013 a fine time to plan ahead and be more engaged during some of the year’s exemplary outdoors times.

Deer hunters, deer photographers, and deer watchers understand the importance of late October to early November days.  This is one of those premium times when any deer lover should be in a woods as many days as possible, and as much of those days as possible.

Come Nov. 15, if someone missed half the days during the mating period phases, they will have to wait another year to match the excitement they just missed.  

The same is true of a number of other seasonal periods.  Miss them, or don’t get enough of them, and it’s hurry up and wait 11 or 12 months.

Morel season is also here and gone in a few weeks.  Early October, when the trees changing, there is no match for being outdoors and fall color shouldn’t be experienced through television clips and newspaper photographs.  A late winter crappie season, as ice is about to go out, has memories for most of us.  The regular trout season opening weekend is still special in spite of a few naysayers.  And of course the opening weekend of gun deer season seems to buck all odds of dying.

Each person has a favorite time, maybe several, to be enjoying outdoors.  But it seems so unfair that these bountiful days are so few and far between.  And it seems even more unfair that we allow them to slip past without taking full advantage.

Realizing that, why not make 2013 a year to become “intoxicated” with the rewards we know these days mean, particularly when we miss them.

Many who miss these opportunities never live to have a do-over.  They may not see 2014.

Almost nothing can be more important, at that moment, than times when blackcaps are hanging heavy, or when the decomposing fungi and bacteria overload our olfactory system with what we know as the smell of autumn.

Be it resolved, then, to take the fullest advantage of whatever the outdoors has to offer as winter fades, spring begins to approach, as summer burns a brand on our skin, and most importantly as autumn …

We need not write down this formal resolution.  Just promise your inner self that your thirst for the one or more of these precious times will be quenched this year.

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