Outlook for Wisconsin Turkeys Seems Good

Jerry DavisEverything seems to be pointing to one of the better spring turkey seasons Wisconsin has had in some time.

The excitement dates back to last May and June when recruitment conditions, primarily the weather, were near-perfect in many areas of Wisconsin.

Brood counts and other numbers associated with young birds continued to confirm things were going the turkey population’s way.

Then the fall season, what some hunters have called a season that really isn’t, strutted out a 27 percent increase in registration figures, compared to 2011.  Granted, the 2011 fall registration figure was the lowest in 16 years.  This increase, however, could indicate a change the trend of hunter apathy toward fall turkey hunting.

And that can only mean good things for the spring season, too.

This year spring turkey hunters can expect, according to state upland game bird biologists, a very good year, with many of those birds that were added  to the population in 2012 still alive in the fields and woods.

Maybe this is what the spring, and fall, turkey hunting needs to invigorate the hunting public in terms of a resource that is here to be enjoyed.

Yes, there have been some who viewed the lack of registration figures as a shortage of birds.  Maybe, just maybe, it was as much a shortage of enthusiastic turkey hunters, too.

What better way to get turkey hunters excited about this spring’s season than to hear lots of gobbling.  And with extra jakes in the woods, and even though they are not particularly melodious when they gobble, their attempts do excite mature toms to gobble back.

Hunters have always been eager to follow the gobbling.

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