Hunter tags big nontypical in Shiawassee County

Bryan Kendrick, of Flint, shot this huge nontypical buck on Nov. 30 while hunting in Shiawassee County. The rack sports 32 points and green-scored 2255⁄8.Hunting with friend Joe Dykes on land belonging to a third party in Shiawassee County, Kendrick shot a huge 32-point nontypical buck on Nov. 30 that green-scored 2255⁄8.

“I saw him three times that day, but he wouldn’t stop, and when he did I’d just get a glimpse of part of his body,” Kendrick told Michigan Outdoor News.

The third time Kendrick saw the massive beast, it was following three does, a 5-point buck, and a 10-point buck.

“He was about 40 yards behind them all,” Kendrick said. “When I saw all those tines I started to get excited, but I didn’t know (how big) he was. He finally stopped for a minute and gave me a broadside shot at about 80 yards, between two trees.”

Kendrick didn’t let the obstacles distract him and made a lethal double-lung shot with his 50-caliber muzzleloader.

“I’d never seen him before. I never hunted that property before,” Kendrick said. “My buddy Joe called and asked if I wanted to go hunting. We were sitting in a box blind and were going to film the hunt, but the camera wasn’t working right.

“We got to the blind about 11 o’clock and I shot him around 3. During that time, we saw him three times, but I couldn’t get a good shot until the third time I saw him.”

Kendrick said they watched the buck go down then hurried over to the trophy animal.

“I couldn’t even talk. I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say,” Kendrick said. “It looked like a freak, like it was almost surreal. I just stood there looking at it and I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Kerndrick said he started hunting a few years ago after encouragement from his friends. His first year afield he shot a 6-point buck on opening day of bow season and an 8-point buck on opening day of firearms season, but neither deer was anything like the bruiser he shot Nov. 30.

After a 60-day drying period, Kendrick will have the antlers measured again for an official score. It’s likely to challenge the state record for nontypical bucks killed with a muzzleloader. That record, according to Commemorative Bucks of Michigan, the official keeper of Michigan big-game records, is 2151⁄8.. The buck was killed in Calhoun County in 2007 by Tim Tackett. The all-weapon state record nontypical scored 2382⁄8 and was killed in Bay County in 1976 by Paul Mickey.

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