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Jerry DavisThe door to changing deer seasons and rules opened with the "lesser implement" season that allows deer hunters to use archery equipment, crossbows, shotguns, muzzleloaders, rifles and handguns during the nine-day gun deer season, all under the authority of their gun license.

The only reason one might find fault with this idea, introduced in 2012, was the complexity of tossing crossbows in there and then not allowing them during the regular archery season, unless the archer is 65 or older, or otherwise disabled.

How about allowing crossbows during the muzzleloader season, too, regardless of hunter age or pulling power?

In addition, see if there is a way to duplicate 2012, which had one of the earliest gun seasons, by date.  This brought gun hunters together with the deer rut in many parts of the state.

Gun hunters have been way too timid about asking for more.  Archers have begged to extreme.  Good for them (us).  But when one archer suggested that the archery season should be expanded even more, did he mean year long?  It is continuous in some parts of Wisconsin from Sept. 15 to Jan. 6 this year.  No breaks at all in the Chronic Wasting Disease Management  Zone; one day break in the rest of the state.

Get rid of the closed Friday for all the state or open it for all archery, or go back to the closed week for all.  Make it simple and consistent.  Or is that just a campaign phrase coined by someone who does not hunt?

Bear hunters switch off with and without dogs going first.  Is it too much to ask archers and gun hunters to do the same thing in some fashion?

Look around the country, as close as Minnesota, and see if there are some options to consider. Minnesota's gun deer season opens the first Saturday in November.

Would some gun hunters trade their nine-day season for the first weekend in November every other year?  Be a little creative.  Get serious about putting the fun back in hunting, even if it means something new.

The lesser implement season was a start.  Tweak it.

And don’t criticize those who enjoy hunting a little differently.

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