Central New York Fishing Report – November 16th, 2012

Lake Ontario

Salmon fishing is winding down. The recent rain has brought in some brown trout and steelhead into the tributaries. Egg sacs and egg imitations have been working well.

Canandaigua Lake

Trolling small spoons as well as flashers and flies in 50 to 125 feet of water was yielding lake trout and rainbow trout. Rainbows have been slightly higher up in the water column than the lakers. The low water was making launching difficult for larger boats.

Oneida Lake

Yellow perch fishing has been good in 12 to 15 feet of water, with worms and fathead minnows working. A few walleye were being taken by shore anglers casting stick baits at night. Overall, though, the fall walleye fishing continued to be slow and anglers have really had to work to get a few fish. Windy conditions have also made fishing difficult. Generally during the fall, walleye move into the shallows just before and after dark to feed on the gizzard shad. Casting stick baits in black and silver or blue and silver usually works well for these fish. Try fishing in Big Bay, off Cleveland and near buoys 119 and 121.

Oswego River

The main attractions in the river right now are steelhead and brown trout, with driftboat anglers having good success. The salmon run is just about over. Good baits have been egg sacs, beads, and egg imitating flies. Remember the bridge to Leto Island is closed and there are new mandatory PFD zones on river below the Varick Dam.

Salmon River

There are still some coho salmon spawning in the mid-to-upper river in the riffle areas, but their days are numbered. Steelhead fishing has picked up in the lower river as these fish enter to feed on the abundant salmon eggs. Good baits are egg imitating flies and plastics, and streamers such as egg-sucking leeches. Other lures working right now include blue egg sacs, stonefly patterns in sizes 6-8, and 10mm ontari-roe beads.

Sodus Bay

Yellow perch were being caught in 20 feet of water off points on jigs tipped with spikes. The low water was still making launching boats difficult for some.

Irondequoit Bay

Yellow perch fishing has picked up some in the deep water areas for anglers using small minnows and jigs.

Genesee River

Flows were up and some steelhead have moved in. There were still a few salmon around but the run is winding down.

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