Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Archery in Montana

Dean BortzIt's noon on my first day of archery deer and elk hunting in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. The Little Belts are in the Lewis and Clark National Forest. I'm able to file this blog today thanks to the good graces of Tony and Sherry Juntunen, who own Bob's Bar, Dining and Motel in Neihart, Mont. Don't ask me why Tony owns a bar named Bob's. I still don't have that story straight. He tried to explain it last night, but that was while I was concentrating on a pint of Pig's Eye, and I lost track of the "why." I'm not staying in Neihart, but Tony and Sherry have the only wi-fi in the Little Belts, so we had to make an emergency run into Neihart at lunch time today, Friday, Sept. 14 to rob some wi-fi at the bar. Having lunch, too, as long as we're in town. I had to make a connection back to the real world because I need an emergency shipment of arrows. I forgot my extra arrows at my hunting partners house, so his wife now has the task of finding my arrows and shipping them out there to Bob's Bar. Thanks, Sue. I did have a good morning. I saw a cow and calf this morning on a relatively open mountainside about an hour after dawn. I stopped part way up the mountain before daylight, set up and waited for the sun before trying some cow calling. I waited about 45 minutes, but heard and saw nothing. I climbed to the top of the hill over the next hour and saw tracks, but no elk. I looked back down the hill and watched a cow and calf walk through right where I had been set up at dawn. I ran back down the mountain hoping to head off the cow and calf. Just as I reached their crossing, I took a look back up the mountain before making a swing into the timber. Back up on top, where I had been, were two mulie bucks fighting. One looked pretty nice, so I ran back up the hill. Turns out, the buck wasn't as big as I'd hoped. I went back down after the cow, but didn't find her. I'll check back in when I come back into town on Monday or Tuesday to pick up my extra arrows. I have four arrows with me and I'll have to make those hold up for now.


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