Ohio River Region Fishing Report – August 17th, 2012

Washington County

Anglers have been catching sizeable flathead catfish while fishing from boats and from the shores of Blennerhasset Island. Fishing live bluegills and gizzard shad have been successful in both areas. Blennerhasset Island Historical State Park is maintained by West Virginia State Parks and Forests, but is included in the reciprocal agreement between Ohio and West Virginia. Black bass fishing may have slowed from its peak, but fish can still be caught using “do nothing worms” and medium diving crankbaits in blue-shad, pumpkinseed, and crawfish colors. Some bass have also been taken on willow leaf spinner baits, reeled slowly over weeds and grass.

Meldahl Dam (Clermont County)

Channel catfish and flathead catfish are being caught below the dam tailwaters using shad and skipjack fished tight on the bottom. The best time to fish for channel catfish and flathead catfish is during the nighttime. The confluence of tributaries and the Ohio River have been producing good catches of flathead catfish as well. Flathead catfish are generally caught using live bait.
Eastern Ohio – Water is very low with little or no current and high temperatures. Fishing pressure has been very light, with catches only happening in the early morning or at dusk.

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