Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Ex-officer sentenced for license scheme in Ohio

Cincinnati — A former Ohio wildlife officer was sentenced to three months home confinement and five years of supervised probation for violation of federal wildlife laws.

Allan Wright, 45, of Russellville, Ohio, had pleaded guilty in federal court in Cincinnati to four federal misdemeanor violations of the Lacey Act, involving trafficking and making false records for illegally harvested white-tailed deer between 2006-2010.

Wright was fired from his job with the Ohio Division of Wildlife in 2011.

Judge Michael Barrett told Wright it appeared from reading letters in his file “you were courteous to people who needed to be but a bully to those people who had power over.”

Barrett told Wright the former wildlife offer was at a crossroads in his life, and he needed to “look in a mirror and instead of polishing the brass of people above you, you need to be concerned of people under you.”

In urging the court to sentence Wright to three months in prison, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Nelson said the “most shameful” aspect of the case was when Wright got caught, “he and his friends threw other good officers under the bus.”

Wright apologized to Barrett for his criminal conduct and said he took “full responsibility” for his actions.

In addition to probation, home confinement and assessing a $1,000 fine, Barrett restricted Wright from hunting worldwide during his probation, and only using a firearm if he is certified as a peace officer during his employment as a college security officer in Tennessee. Barrett told

Wright if he must secure the firearm at the college when he is off duty.

Wright pleaded guilty Feb. 24 to assisting South Carolina game warden Eric Vaughn obtain a $19 Ohio resident deer hunting license by manually overriding a computerized hunting license machine at a convenience store to issue a license with Vaughn's name and Wright's home address. A nonresident license costs $125.

Wright also pleaded guilty to falsifying state records concerning two deer racks confiscated from an Ohio poacher in 2009. The racks were among 11 antler sets seized from a Michigan game warden.

The charges involved falsifying documents to indicate Wright destroyed poached antlers at Indian Creek Wildlife Area. In fact, Wright gave the antlers to the Michigan game warden for personal use, according to court records.

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