Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

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Weird Catches, Revisited

J.R. AbsherEvery few months, Offbeat Outdoors offers a heaping portion of wild angler catches, and with the dog days of summer approaching, we figured the timing was right for a fresh serving. Bon Appétit!

Michigan Angler Snags Omni

Michael Foor has fished Michigan’s Grand River for the better part of two decades, so when he felt the pull on his line one evening, he could tell it was something big.

The Plainfield resident was fishing near a bridge in Grand Rapids when he landed the first part of his unusual catch—a windshield wiper.

Later that evening, with the aid of divers from the Grand Rapids Police Department and a truck with a powerful winch, the remainder of Foor’s catch was eventually hauled ashore.

Though he chose not to officially weigh or measure his catch, Foor was confident that the sludge-covered, burned-out 1989 Doge Omni would easily rate as the biggest thing he’s ever hooked—even though he needed help landing it.

“I’ve caught a lot of stuff in this river,” Foor said, “but I ain’t never caught a car.”

Honeymoon’s Over

Washington state angler Ryan Snow was fishing for trout in a local lake when he thought he hooked a log or snag on the bottom. Instead, he was surprised to reel in a complete white wedding gown, covered with mud and rust.

Snow told the Lynwood Herald that it took some doing, but he and his uncle finally managed to pull the waterlogged gown ashore, and both were greatly relieved to find it was empty.

“I thought it still had something in it,” he told the paper.

The anglers left the lovely, albeit somewhat smelly dress hanging on a nearby fence, in case any prospective June brides might be interested.

As for the mystery of who left the dress at the bottom of the lake, our best guess is that, whoever it was, the honeymoon was definitely over.

Out on a Limb

We don’t often go out on a limb here at Offbeat Outdoors, but we’re wagering the catch made by angler Beth Krohn from Minnesota’s Lake Ida easily rates as her most unusual.

While vacationing at her family’s property located on Minnesota’s Lake Ida in early July, Beth Krohn and her husband Mark of Wausau, Wis. were trying some early morning walleye fishing when her line became snagged while trolling in a deep part of the lake.

“I thought, man, there’s no snags in this part of the lake, (so) I just kept holding my line up and he just kept pulling my pole,” Beth later told KSAW news.
As she reeled a large object up from the depths and closer to the boat, her husband reached out to grab it.

“I said, you’re not going to believe it,” Mark said. “It’s a prosthetic leg!”
The wayward auxiliary appendage was flesh-colored, though the bottom half was muddy and covered with moss. It was wearing a shoe.

The two anglers returned home with their unusual fishing trophy, where Beth became determined to solve the mystery of the prodigious prosthesis. After making only four phone calls to local doctors for find one specializing in artificial limbs, she hit paydirt.

Not only did the office she contacted know the woman belonging to the leg, but she was also employed there and was immediately called to the phone.

“She put Pam Reilly on the phone. And she said she lost her leg three years ago swimming,” Beth said. “It was her swim leg.”

Beth returned the prosthesis to its rightful owner, who was happy to see the return of her $7,000 investment. Reilly had long ago replaced the lost limb with a new model, but says she’ll definitely keep the old one around for a spare.

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