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Fishing Report for Northern Utah July 12, 2012

BEAR LAKE: (July 12) Fishing has been good for cutthroat trout. For updates on fishing conditions, call the DWR information line at 435-946-8501.

BIRCH CREEK RESERVOIR: (July 12) Water levels are dropping fast. Weather conditions during the day are generally hot and windy. Mornings and evenings are the best times to fish at Birch Creek Reservoir.

BLACKSMITH FORK RIVER: (July 12) Anglers report slow fishing with worms. Fly fisherman also report slow fishing.

BOUNTIFUL LAKE: (July 12) Check the DWR stocking report for the latest stocking information.

CAUSEY RESERVOIR: (July 12) Recreation activity has picked up with warmer temperatures. Use a small, hand-launched boat to access some of the back inlets where fishing has been good for rainbow trout.

CUTLER RESERVOIR & MARSH: (July 12) Fishing is good for catfish near the inlets with worms and shrimp. Catfish are ranging from six to 15 inches—most are between six and eight inches. Fishing from shore and boat has brought the same success. Bow fishing for carp has been great for bow-anglers. Archery fishers are reminded that a fishing license is still required for bow-fishing.

EAST CANYON RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (July 12) Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser reports that anglers from the bank are having success catching trout and smallmouth bass. The fishing has been slow, but the trout are still taking PowerBait, especially if you arrive early in the morning. Try some of the new garlic-flavored PowerBait or mix it up with rainbow, white or orange. One successful angler mixed the garlic PowerBait with the rainbow and caught some 19-inch fish. Worms work well for the bass, especially if you put it right near the bottom. Lots of crayfish were around, so try a lure that mimics one of them.

ECHO RESERVOIR: (July 12) Water levels are dropping fast and the reservoir will be completely drained for repairs this fall. Anglers report good fishing for small rainbow trout. The shoreline is very muddy.

FARMINGTON POND: (July 12) Check the DWR stocking report for the latest stocking information.

HOLMES CREEK RESERVOIR: (July 12) Warmer temperatures have almost shut down trout fishing success. Try targeting warm-water species—this reservoir is known for producing some good-sized bass.

HYRUM RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (July 12) For information visit or call the park at 435-245-6866.

JENSEN NATURE PARK POND: (July 12) Volunteer Tyler Scott reports good fishing with PowerBait and worms. The average fish size was about 10 inches. One angler used a spinner with no success. Anglers report that the best success happens right before dark. All anglers were shore fishing.

KAYSVILLE PONDS: (July 12) Check the DWR stocking report for the latest stocking information.

LITTLE CREEK RESERVOIR: (July 12) Warmer temperatures and lower water levels have slowed the fishing success. Anglers that fish deep water with PowerBait near the dam are having some success. As of August 1, the trout limit will increase to eight fish because the reservoir is usually drawn down to serve irrigation needs.

LOGAN RIVER: (July 12) Anglers have had success for rainbow, brown and brook trout using PowerBait. Successful fly patterns include hoppers and mosquitoes.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR: (July 12) Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser reports that the fish are 14.5 inches long. Anglers have had success using yellow, yellow garlic or rainbow PowerBait. Try drift fishing from boats or trolling with a wedding ring rig. Make sure you are aware of the new regulations at Lost Creek: There is a total trout limit of four fish. You are allowed to keep three trout under 15 inches and one trout over 22 inches. All fish, including rainbows, from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released.

MANTUA RESERVOIR: (July 12) Volunteer Kasey Scott reports that anglers are having some success fishing for bass using worms, marshmallows and small jigs. There has also been some success for rainbows using Jakes lures, worms and PowerBait. Perch are also biting—try using small worms. Most shore anglers say that the fishing has been slow with sporadic bursts where it picks up.

MIRROR LAKE: (July 12) Conservation Officer Bruce Johnson reports that the fishing along the Mirror Lake Highway ranges from fair to good. Anglers are using all types of baits, lures and flies. Remember fire restrictions while recreating in the Uinta National Forest.

NEWTON RESERVOIR: (July 12) Tiger muskie fishing is slow, but the other fish are very active.

OGDEN RIVER: (July 12) Volunteer Kasey Scott reports that the water level is high and water temperature is 58 degrees. Fishing is slow, but some anglers are reporting success for brown trout using prince nymphs and scud patterns for fly fishing. Spin anglers are seeing success using small sinkers and drifting worms.

PINEVIEW RESERVOIR: (July 12) Volunteer Kasey Scott reports that fishing for catfish is yielding some results for anglers using worms up the coves. Anglers report catching some bass with small spinners, jigs and worms. Most bass caught were in the eight to 10-inch range and the catfish were in the 12- to 16-inch range.

PORCUPINE RESERVOIR: (July 12) The water level has dropped. Trolling anglers are picking up a few smaller kokanee and fair-sized browns. On the East Fork Little Bear River, you may only use artificial flies and lures.

ROCKPORT RESERVOIR: (July 12) Joseph Hamby reports that the fishing has been good at Rockport. The boaters have done well with a variety of lures and baits. The trout seem to be 12 to 20 feet down. There are good reports from the shore fishermen as well. The smallmouth bass are just now coming on. The water temperature is around 66 degrees. We are still in the process of replacing the fish-cleaning station with the grinder type. We should have it in soon.

WEBER RIVER: (July 12) Biologist Paul Thompson reports that the Weber River continues to fish very well with standard nymphs (hare's ears, prince nymphs, pheasant tails, scuds/sow bugs, and midges). With the warm weather, fishing is the best in the morning or late evening. If you feel adventurous, try streamers (sculpin patterns, mice, and brown or black buggers) after dark when some of the larger browns are more active. Spinners and crankbaits have also been working well.

Check flows releases from Rockport and Echo reservoirs at USGS gaging stations prior to fishing.

WILLARD BAY RESERVOIR: (July 12) Biologist Chris Penne reports that the fishing is excellent for walleye using bottom bouncers trailing a worm. The results of our annual monitoring indicate that the walleye population is potentially the highest the reservoir has seen in a decade, so anglers should go out and take advantage. Wiper fishing is slow to fair trolling crankbaits. Smallmouth bass can be caught pitching crankbaits and plastics along the dyke. Fishing is good for catfish from shore using worms fished on the bottom. Conservation Officer Cory Inglet reports that the best spots are the southeast corner and out from the south marina. Shore fishermen are also having success catching wipers. Please remember bag and possession limits. Check the Utah Fishing Guidebook for details.

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