Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – June 8th, 2012

AEP ReCREATION LANDS (Morgan, Muskingum, and Noble counties)

Bluegills are found in nearly every impoundment at the ReCreation lands. This time of year, they should be on or guarding their beds, and the clear water in most of the lakes will make locating the bedding bluegills easier. Look in shallow water for circular depressions – in sandy/gravelly areas, sunfish spawn in groups so there will many beds together. Targeting them with live bait is a great choice; try small redworms, wax worms or crickets fished under a small bobber. If you prefer artificial baits, a small jig or fly under a float will work as well. Just make sure your bait is small enough that the bluegills can easily fit it in their mouths. Each pond at AEP is different, so if you’re not catching big bluegills out of the one you’re fishing, move to another pond. Try using an online map service to locate ponds that might be just out of sight from the roads. Most of the time a short hike to an “off the beaten path” pond will score you a bucket full of nice gills.

Fox Lake (Athens County)

Nice catches of catfish can be caught in the upper, shallow end of the lake and any of the water inlet areas. Try fishing shrimp off the bottom. Catches of sunfish should also be good with individuals up to eight inches; fish along the shoreline using a worm fished under a bobber.

Lake Vesuvius (Lawrence County)

Successful catches of bass, bluegills, catfish and trout are always reported this time of year. From the boardwalk, try fishing worms under bobbers for bluegills. Trout can be caught on flavored baits fished off the bottom near the boat dock. Fish for catfish all along the lake shoreline on the bottom using cut bait or nightcrawlers. Largemouth bass in the 17- to 18- inch range can be reeled in on a variety of artificial baits in the coves of the northwest bank, between the dock and the beach. Largemouth bass and an occasional spotted bass can also be caught on a variety of artificial baits fished near the headwaters of the lake near the point.

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