Ohio fishing license sales on the rise with the temperatures

Columbus — Resident fishing license sales have increased with the warm weather.

“As soon as the weather turned warm, so did the fishing license sales,” says Vicki Mountz, the DNR Division of Wildlife’s executive administrator for information and education.

The Division of Wildlife is reporting that 27,091 resident fishing licenses were sold last year by March 12 but by March 12 this year that figure was 51,824 resident fishing licenses were sold – a 91.3 percent increase.

Nonresident fishing licenses are also way up. In 2011 by this time the state had sold 1,032 nonresident fishing documents, but by March 12 that figure was 2,023.

“We always know that if we get poor weather early on that fishing license sales are poor, like they were last year this time,” said Mountz. “Now it is just the opposite.

“The thing is if people have not bought their fishing licenses by early July the chances are they won’t,” Mountz said.

Though a much smaller number of resident hunting licenses are typically sold by this time of year, even the sale of these documents are going fast: By an 18.15 percent increase, Mountz says.

Last year the state had sold 6,574 resident hunting licenses as of March 12. This year, the state had issued 7,067 resident hunting licenses.

Even the sale of deer tags is up – and Ohio is a long, long way from any deer hunting season.

“We believe that this is also all weather-related,” Mountz said.

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