Vermilion bowhunter scores on 18-point buck

Mike MooreBerlin Heights, Ohio – Daniel McGlothlin is fairly new to the sport of deer hunting.

He’s been fairly lucky at it and his second buck proved to be the charm.

On Nov. 11, McGlothlin, of Vermilion, killed an 18-point buck that would score in the 170s non-typical. It has a 20-inch inside spread. The deer weighed about 275 pounds.

“It was windy as all get out and I sat (in my tree stand) from daylight until about noon,” McGlothlin said. “I didn’t see a thing. So, I decided to go back out in the afternoon.”

The afternoon hunt proved just as fruitless as the morning hunt, however. McGlothlin, 35, had started to pack his things up when he heard something walking in behind him. It was 5:28 p.m.

The property that McGlothlin was hunting on is bordered by an Erie County metropark. So, the buck walked out of the parkland onto the property in which McGlothlin was hunting.

“He came walking up the trail and was getting ready to walk out into the cornfield that I was sitting on,” McGlothlin said. “It happened so fast, it was all I could do to grab my bow. He was on the opposite side of the tree so I had to turn completely around.”

The buck stopped at a little opening on the trail about 30 yards from McGlothlin’s tree stand.

“He gave me just about enough time to draw and hit him,” McGlothlin said. “He went probably 100 yards or so.”

For the rest of this story, see the March 30 issue of Ohio Outdoor News.

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