IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 1

Region I

A District 1 CPO was informed by an Illinois State Police trooper
of a truck illegally parked along the interstate with a gun case in
the cab of the truck. The CPO checked the rugged timber and was
unable to locate the hunter that day. The truck was tagged by ISP
as illegally parked and when the CPO returned to the vehicle at
9:30 a.m. the truck was gone. The following morning the CPO found
the truck was parked again in the same location with the ISP
sticker removed from the day before and hunting equipment in the
cab. The CPO tagged the vehicle as illegally parked and the ISP was
prepared to tow the unattended vehicle after the two-hour time
limit had passed. The CPO again attempted to locate the hunter and
as the ISP trooper arrived to tow the truck, the hunter appeared
from the timber and said he had parked there to avoid a long walk
from the other end of the property. The CPO pushed through the
thick timber and met with the ISP trooper and hunter at the truck.
The hunter had shot a deer and was returning to the truck to get
his deer permit and the sled to drag the deer back to the truck.
The CPO escorted the hunter to the untagged deer. The hunter
claimed he had permission to hunt on the property; however he did
not give the correct name of the landowner. Further investigation
revealed he was nearly three miles away from the property he had
permission to hunt. In addition, the hunter did not have a Henry
County deer permit and the gun used to take the deer was also
unplugged. The gun was seized and the Moline man was issued
numerous citations. The illegally taken deer was seized and taken
to a local deer processing meat locker where it was donated to
local food pantries.

A District 1 CPO has been working a baited treestand with a trail
camera facing the pile of apples. On Sunday of the first firearms
deer season, the CPO observed two hunters walking away from the
treestand. The CPO met with the hunters and completed an inspection
with the father and son from Annawan. The son was using an
unplugged shotgun and did not have a hunting license or habitat
stamp. The son admitted to putting buckets of apples in front of
the trail cameras which were directly under the treestands. He also
admitted to dumping four buckets of corn on a food plot near
another trail camera and treestand. The gun was seized and the
Annawan man was issued numerous citations.

A District 7 CPO cited a subject for illegally killing a
white-tailed deer with a rifle in Henderson County. Appropriate
enforcement action was taken.

An anonymous individual contacted the Illinois State Police to
report a large (31-point typical buck) white-tailed deer that was
illegally taken with a rifle. The caller also stated that the deer
was tagged by a 15-year-old, but he heard that the deer was killed
by the individual’s father. CPOs arrived at the residence of the
15-year-old hunter and made contact with the boy’s father by phone.
The hunter’s father informed the officers where the deer was and
gave them permission to enter the building and check the deer. The
deer was examined, and the officers were unable to determine
anything out of the ordinary. A CPO saw the individuals when they
checked the deer in at the chronic wasting disease check station.
The CPO suggested that they follow him to a local veterinary clinic
and have it X-rayed to dispel any rumors. The father agreed to take
it to the veterinary clinic. The deer (barely able to fit through
the doors) was X-rayed at the clinic. The veterinarian was able to
remove the slug and multiple lead fragments from the deer. The CPO
interviewed the hunter and the hunter’s father and found no
inconsistencies in their story. The X-ray also showed that the deer
had an expandable broad head in his shoulder.

A CPO and district sergeant worked a shining detail in JoDaviess
County the night before the firearms deer season. They encountered
two groups of hunters driving across fields. The first group
consisted of two subjects who were raccoon hunting. The driver
advised he didn’t have his hunting license or habitat stamp with
him. Though the passenger claimed ownership of a firearm in the
vehicle, he advised he was not hunting and did not have a hunting
license or habitat stamp. An interview confirmed he was indeed
hunting. He was cited for unlawfully hunting without a valid
hunting license. All other violations were addressed with written
warnings. The second group encountered consisted of three subjects.
The driver advised he was raccoon hunting. The passengers advised
they were along for the ride. The driver was in possession of a
FOID card, which came back “Denied” through the Illinois State
Police. He was also in possession of cannabis and drug
paraphernalia. He was cited for his drug violations. The FOID
violation will be turned over to the State’s Attorney’s Office for
review. In total three citations and five written warnings were
issued during the detail.

While working Mercer County, a district sergeant observed a pickup
truck driving slowly across a field. The truck was driving toward a
patch of timber that contained grass vehicle trails throughout it.
Upon reaching the location of the vehicle in the timber, a stop was
initiated. The startled driver looked out his rear window, began
moving his left arm in a frantic manner, and continued driving on
the one-lane trail. Once the trail opened a bit, the sergeant drove
next to the subject and observed he was attempting to zip his gun
case up. After loud verbal commands were issued out of the squad
window, the driver stopped. The driver stated he was trying to
figure out where he was going to hunt. The shotgun was unloaded at
the time of the stop. Three loose deer slugs were located behind
the driver’s seat and on the passenger seat. The driver was cited
for unlawful transportation of an uncased shotgun.

Region II

No reports available.

Region III

A CPO arrested a Decatur man archery deer hunting on the
Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area for possession of drug
paraphernalia, possession of 2.5 to 10 grams cannabis, no hunting
license, no habitat stamp, no archery deer permits and a written
warning for no site permit.

A CPO cited a Moweaqua man for unlawful harvest of a white-tailed
buck without first harvesting a doe first as required in Wolf Creek
State Park. The subject was also issued a written warning for
falsification of deer harvest records. The man falsely reported a
doe harvest from his deer stand after shooting a buck. A 9-point
buck was seized.

A CPO was conducting a boat and fish compliance check on a private
lake in Clark County when he discovered the boat had been reported
stolen. The subjects were identified, issued boat equipment
citations and released pending investigation on how they became in
possession of the boat. The boat was seized and pending return to
the owner.

CPOs arrested a Macon County subject who failed to check in two
archery killed deer that he had shot in Macon County. After
receiving information on one of the archery kills, the officers
were able to determine the deer had not been checked in. The
additional untagged deer was discovered during the

CPOs investigated a turkey hunting complaint. The Macon County
subject was issued citations for unlawfully applying for turkey

A CPO arrested a DuPage County subject for the unlawful possession
of a hen pheasant. The CPO also cited a LaGrange resident for
hunting without permission in Livingston County.

Region IV

A CPO responded to a TIP complaint of a subject in possession of a
fawn white-tailed deer. He made contact with the subject and found
he had purchased the deer from a licensed game breeder. The subject
did not possess such license himself and therefore received a

While patrolling Monroe County for deer hunters, a CPO located
several stands baited with corn. The CPO spoke with the hunters on
the property and obtained confessions to the placement of the corn
to attract deer.

A CPO was patrolling Peabody River King Fish and Wildlife Area and
observed a subject fishing at Beaver Lake and initiated a
compliance check. The CPO found the subject in possession of four
crappies under the posted length limit.

Region V

A CPO issued four citations to hunters for unlawfully transporting
loaded, uncased firearms in their vehicles and ATVs.

A CPO, prior to firearms deer season, located a Louisiana hunter
with an archery killed buck deer which had not been checked in as
required, and an uncased compound bow. He was issued

A district sergeant and CPO are investigating a hunting accident in
which a male from South Carolina fell from a treestand and
fractured four vertebrae. He was to undergo surgery the next day
and was paralyzed from the waist down. He was wearing a safety
harness, however he unhooked it and did not have a safety line
attached to his harness when he fell.

A CPO contacted a Union County hunter who was not wearing blaze
orange and had mineral supplement, corn, and C’mere deer bait
within 30 yards of his stand. Another hunter was located on the
same property with “C’mere deer” piled near his stand. Both were
cited for the violation.

A CPO cited a non-resident hunter, who is the host of an outdoor TV
show, hunting without non-resident license, habitat stamp, deer
permits in possession, and was in possession of a loaded firearm on
an ATV.

A CPO observed two Missouri hunters, who were not wearing blaze
orange, approaching their vehicles from the timber. He identified
himself to the hunters. They had to cross a small fence. Prior to
crossing the fence, he saw one subject lay a firearm down. They
crossed the fence and only one came with him to the gun. The hunter
was thinking the CPO didn’t see him with a gun. The hunter stated
that he had not been hunting and did not have a gun. The CPO then
brought him over to the fence and located his loaded 300 Winchester
rifle. The subject had no firearm permit, no hunting license, no
habitat stamp, no blaze orange, and the center fire rifle. He was
cited and the firearm was seized.

A CPO issued a Florida hunter two citations for falsification of
information to obtain a resident hunting permit and resident
hunting license. He was also issued two citations for unlawful take
of white-tailed deer with invalid permit. The hunter was also
issued two written warnings for applying for a permit for his
father and son.

A CPO cited a Pinckneyville hunter for transporting a
loaded/uncased firearm on ATV during deer season. His son was
issued a written warning for the same violation.

A CPO is investigating a complaint where a deer hunter shot a dog
with the owner only 30 feet away.

A CPO cited a resident hunter for unlawfully deer hunting in
Williamson County with a Saline County permit.

Senior resident hunters were warned for transporting uncased,
unloaded firearms on ATV’s and failure to sign deer permits.

A district sergeant responded to two hunting without permission
complaints in Pulaski County. Upon locating the hunters, the
landowner decided that he had given them permission a few years

A CPO investigated a hunting accident on the west side of Jefferson
County involving a deer hunter who accidently shot himself in the
foot. Subject was transported to a St. Louis hospital. The CPO was
to complete the investigation upon release of subject.

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