Random thoughts on cusp of another ice-fishing seasons

Enticing what lies beneath an ice hole is a mystery, and as
anglers we need to solve that puzzle. In our hurry-up society,
that’s a challenge. I see too many ice anglers fishing too fast,
jumping from spot to spot, and in general leaving too early. Guys
don’t devote enough time to fully working with different baits and

Anglers in general fish history too much. Every winter, I’ll see
guys work the same hole for hours because “I caught a fish here
yesterday.” Don’t get me wrong. A spot that’s been successful in
the past is great place to start, but don’t die there!

At the other extreme is the drill, drill, drill, move, move,
move mentality. You should move, even frequently under certain
conditions, but if you’re fishing a spot, then you drill a new
hole, then move again after 5 minutes, you’ve just wasted five
minutes. Let a hole settle after you’ve drilled, then drop down
that Vexilar and see what you’re marking.

Open water guys do this next one, too: Don’t always fish where
everyone else is. People naturally are social, and other anglers
are a magnet. We want to catch fish so bad that we see a shelter,
then automatically head over there.

A couple winters ago for example, my sons and I were fishing
crappies with a friend. We caught some nice fish, then before we
left we moved to a spot with a nice backdrop for pictures. We moved
quite a ways, drilled a couple holes for fun, and before we knew
it, some other people followed us. Amazing.

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