Bad Example Poachers

This week we bring you stories about the bone-headed exploits of
a pair of wildlife violators who served as particularly poor
examples to potential young hunters.

Poacher a Poor Teacher

A Casper, Wyo. husband and wife were recently fined more than
$10,000 for killing a mule deer buck out of season while the
husband was allegedly teaching two young boys to hunt.

Joshua Simkin, 21, and his wife, Jessica Simkin, 20, were
convicted on poaching-related charges in October after officials
received a tip in response to an appeal by Casper Game Warden
Daniel Beach for help in an investigation into the illegal shooting
of a mule deer buck that had been dumped on 33 Mile Road, according
to a media release from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Following up on the tip, Beach obtained a search warrant for the
Simkin residence. Joshua Simkin then confessed to shooting the deer
while teaching a friend’s two young boys how to hunt, the release

In addition, Simkin admitted he had the boys pose for
photographs with the poached deer and gave them the buck’s antlers,
which were later confiscated.

“It sickens me to think Simkin was trying to teach these kids
how to hunt and ends up poaching a deer in the process,” said
Warden Beach.

Jessica Simkin confirmed the story and stated she was witness to
the poaching and had assisted her husband in loading the deer after
it was shot. Neither had a deer license.

The Simkins were assessed a total of $10,120 in fines and
restitution. Joshua also lost all hunting privileges for seven
years and forfeited the .243 rifle that was used in the crime.

Poachers Aren’t Rocket Scientists

should come as no surprise to regular readers of the Offbeat
Outdoors blog that those who choose to deliberately break game and
fish regulations are usually not the “sharpest tools in the shed,”
so to speak.

Case in point:

A convicted felon prohibited by law from owning firearms or
legally hunting didn’t let that stop him from an unusually
bone-headed poaching attempt in Bay County, Fla.

In the course of a night-time stakeout, Florida Fish and
Wildlife Conservation Commission officers Dennis Palmer and Mark
Clements witnessed a man instruct his girlfriend’s 13-year-old
daughter to shoot at an agency’s mechanical deer decoy-twice-while
her mother illuminated the fake whitetail with their pickup truck’s

The weekly citations report from the FWC did not name the
subjects involved in the incident.

According to the FWC, all three were cited for night hunting and
road hunting.

Fortunately (for them), being incredibly dumb is (currently) not
a criminal offense in Florida. Otherwise, additional charges could
have been applied in the case.

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