Women in the outdoors – and on the cover

Has anybody else noticed that several national magazines in the
outdoors-magazine section feature women on the cover this

I was at my favorite bookstore yesterday and noticed this on at
least two well-known hunting publications. I decided to do a little
more digging and have found several other prominent references to
women on outdoors websites, publications and retailers.

Case in point: Retailer and internet catalog order company Kruger
Farms now features a special line of women’s clothing from national
outdoor clothing companies like UnderArmour and Drake. “Fit to be
fearless” is the name of the line and it’s about confidence,
empowerment and comfort. “Don’t tell me I can’t do something,” is
the mantra spoken by spokeswoman Paige Duke.

Hunting has long been considered a “sport for men” but the reality
is that women have hunted for years. Have the numbers of female
hunters reached a critical mass that advertisers and publishers are
finally taking notice? Post your reaction to that question

A cynical person might suggest that this attention to women is an
indication of the tough economy. How’s that make sense? Men
represent only half of the population but at least 95 percent of
the outdoor clothing out there is geared for men. Expand your
clothing lines to include the “other 50 percent” of the population
and sales are boosted enough to ride out the storm.

When things get back to normal, if these companies are still
promoting women’s involvement in the outdoors and marketing
products to them, only then will those cynics be proven as

I would like to point out that the Outdoor News has featured women
hunters on the front cover for many years. Trophy whitetail, bear,
elk and other critters have graced the front page of the newspaper
with women proudly smiling about their memorable kill.

If you are a woman or hunt with a woman, I hope that you’ll submit
those photographs this season of your successful outing to the
Outdoor News.

My hope is that women hunters are truly being given the attention
they have long deserved. Simply adding a touch of pink to
camouflage does not count in my book. That said, it seems like a
concerted effort is being made because there are more women out in
the field.

If that is truly the case, my compliments to all those women who
are out there-especially those who took the sport up themselves. I
encourage more women to get involved. I’d also issue a challenge to
all you experienced hunters out there, men and women alike, to
introduce this great sport to rookies of both genders.

That might be a little preachy, but my original questions remain
and I’d like to especially hear the opinion of women out there. Do
you feel that women are being invited to hunt more than before? Do
you feel like women are being put on a more equal playing field
with men or do you think it’s merely better marketing?

Please post your opinions, impressions and ideas.


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