PA: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 19


Crawford County WCO Mark A. Allegro recently investigated
complaints of ATVs driving on a farmer’s fields, as well as an
individual unlawfully parking her vehicle on state game land and
illegally picking seeds which she intended to sell.

Forest County WCO Daniel P. Schmidt reports increasing patrols at
SGL 24 rifle range. “There has been an increase in abuse this
summer and just several hours patrolling resulted in three
citations and 14 warnings,” he said.

Forest County WCO Daniel P. Schmidt trapped a black bear in Harmony
Township. “The bear previously had been trapped and tagged by WCO
Richard Cramer back in 2004, just a couple miles down the road,” he
said. “In 2004, the sow weighed 185 pounds and was 3 years old.
Although I didn’t have to retag it, I estimated the bear to be
about the same weight and, unfortunately, had a broken right

Mercer County WCO Lawrence R. Hergenroeder reports the annual
amount of illegal dumping in the area is staggering.


Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala recently trapped and relocated a
300-pound black bear from a local neighborhood. “The bear had been
seen in the Cove Run Road area of Indiana Township over a number of
weeks getting into bird feeders and trash,” he said. “It also was
suspected of going into the garage of a local resident. The bear
was ear tagged before being relocated to Indiana County.”

Beaver County WCO Matt Kramer and Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala,
assisted by state Fish & Boat Commission WCO Jeremy Allen,
captured a mature bald eagle in the Conway/Monaca area. “The eagle
had a previous injury to its wing and despite the best efforts of
the officers, died shortly thereafter. Eagles have been spotted in
this area in the past, but we have not been able to confirm any
nests in Beaver County.”

Somerset County WCO Brian Witherite filed charges against an
individual for unlawfully selling game and wildlife, and for
unlawfully taking into his possession an antlered white-tailed deer
that was protected and untagged. Fines and penalties could be up to
13 months in jail and $6,800 and a loss of hunting and trapping

Westmoreland County WCO Brian Singer filed charges in a case
involving a juvenile who shot and killed two red-tailed hawks with
a rifle. “The juvenile was allowed access to the firearms in the
home and shot the protected species while an adult was home at the
residence,” he said.


Union County WCO Dirk B. Remensnyder recently had to go and pick up
a dead Great Blue Heron which had broken both legs after a less
than graceful landing.

Elk County WCO Doty A. McDowell spent July mostly dealing with
beavers, bears and mangy foxes. “There seems to be a spike in mangy
fox and bear sightings in my district this year,” he said. “I also
attended training on how to identify the sex of turkey poults in
preparation of this year’s upcoming turkey trapping efforts.”

Elk County WCO Dick Bodenhorn is involved in a joint investigation
with conversation officers from Elk, Erie and Clearfield counties
concerning an individual involved in what presently appears to be
capturing fawns then selling them through the Internet.

McKean County WCO Len Groshek reports that two bears with severe
mange have been reported in his district. He captured and
euthanized one near Crosby. “The other, which was spotted near
Cyclone, has not been seen for a couple weeks,” he said.


Adams/Cumberland/Franklin Counties LMGS Barry Leonard recently
filed charges against an individual for dumping several loads of
yard waste on SGL 235. “A homeowner was disposing of limbs and yard
waste from a major cleanup of his property,” he said. “Among the
limbs he was dumping over a bank on SGL 235 were several hemlock
boughs that were infested with wooly adelgid, a disease that kills
hemlocks. It’s unlawful to dump anything on SGLs or any land open
to public hunting without first securing permission from the
landowner. The introduction of a disease such as this is just one
of the many reasons why it’s unlawful.”

Bedford/Fulton Counties LMGS Jonathan S. Zuck is investigating a
dumping incident on SGL 128 in Fulton County that is linked to a
stolen vehicle from Virginia. Game Lands Maintenance Worker
Supervisor Dan Strait found trash, including an expired vehicle
registration, dumped on SGL 128 adjacent to I-70. “The registration
information came back to a vehicle that was stolen in central
Virginia and found a few days later in Ohio,” said Zuck, who is
assisting the Sheriff’s Department in Louisa County, Virginia, with
their case. They have identified the suspect and charges are

Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn investigated two more incidents
of garbage being dumped on lands open to hunting.

Franklin County WCO Justin Klugh said two illegal dumping on game
lands were found by Food and Cover Corps crews within one week.
Charges are pending on both cases.

Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour recently cited a Buffalo Mills
area woman for driving her vehicle through a field on SGL 104 in
Bedford County. Warnings also were given for other


Wayne County WCO James P. McCarthy said a Honesdale woman was found
guilty of taking a raccoon from the wild and letting it live in her
basement. “The woman is a Girl Scout leader and several children
were apparently exposed to the animal,” he said. “The judge in the
case posed the right question to the woman when he asked her, ‘What
were you thinking?’ We may never know.”

Bradford County WCO Joseph Wenzel said late spotlighting activity
and nighttime poaching activity has been reported recently in the
Litchfield and Sheshequin areas. “I have received some information
regarding possible suspects, but any information would be helpful
and appreciated,” he said.

Columbia/Montour/Northumberland Counties LMGS Keith Sanford said
Aaron Price, an Eagle Scout candidate, and several volunteers from
the Bloomsburg area recently replaced the shooting bench tops at
the rifle range on SGL 58. “The work was performed to fulfill the
service project requirement for the award,” he said.

Pike County WCO Mark Kropa reports an increase in yard waste, such
as leaves and dead plants, are being dumped in game land parking


Berks County Deputy WCO Dan Lynch reports that there have been
several complaints of late night and early morning rifle shots
occurring in the Pike and District township areas.

Berks County Deputy WCO Dan Lynch reports that individuals recently
have been spray painting graffiti on the large rocks at SGL 315
along Forgedale Road in Washington Township, Berks County. “Anyone
with information about this incident should contact the Region
Office at 610-926-3136,” he said. In addition to the paint,
individuals continue to be cited for swimming, littering and
possession of alcohol.

Berks County WCO Dave Brockmeier said an individual recently was
found guilty and fined $400 for allowing their dog to kill a fawn
deer. “The dog had a history of running free and bringing home
‘dead things,'” he said.

Bucks County WCO Richard Macklem II received information from a
Bucks County park ranger that there was a person that had killed a
Canada goose in the park. He investigated the incident and has
filed charges on the person that killed a goose out of

Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek investigated a case in which a
homeowner, annoyed at squirrels in his yard, fired his shotgun into
numerous safety zones. Charges were filed.

Lancaster County WCO Dennis Warfel, while dropping off a sick
great-horned owl recently at Tri-State Bird Rescue, learned that
the recent hurricane caused a great increase in the number of sick
and injured birds being turned into the facility near Newark,

Lehigh County WCO Kevin Halbfoerster has been investigating recent
cases of dumping trash in Salisbury Township.  He investigating a
few of these cases off of Constitution Drive.

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