Chevron to pay $4.5 million for Utah oil spills

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Chevron is agreeing to a
$4.5 million settlement with Salt Lake City and state environmental
officials for two oil spills that polluted a creek and city

City officials say Chevron will pay $3 million for mitigation
projects, $1 million for environmental and social impacts and a
$500,000 civil penalty to the state.

Mayor Ralph Becker says the money will be used to repair the
waterways and riverbanks damaged by the two spills.

Chevron Pipeline Co. President Randy Curry says the company has
taken full responsibility and is committed to restoration.

A pipeline failure in June 2010 in the mountains above Salt Lake
City sent 33,000 gallons of oil downstream and killed all the fish
at Salt Lake City’s Liberty Lake.

About 500 barrels spilled nearby in December.


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