Bonus Wisconsin antlerless deer tags and state park deer hunting permits available August 20

Bonus Wisconsin antlerless deer carcass tags for regular deer
management units, and hunting access permits for all state park
deer management units go on sale beginning at noon Saturday, August
20. Tags and permits will be sold at the rate of one per person per
day, and will continue until sold out or until the hunting season

A list of units and number of tags available is on the DNR

The structure of the sale of bonus tags is new for 2011. All
units with bonus tags available will go on sale Saturday. In
previous years sales have been staggered over the weekend based on
whether a deer management unit had an even or odd number.

Tags and permits will be available for purchase through the DNR
Online Licensing Center, at DNR licensing sales locations, or by
phone toll free at 1 (877) 945-4236.

Deer hunters are encouraged to check the 2011 deer management
unit designations map or in the 2011 Wisconsin Deer Hunting
Regulations booklet for the units they plan to hunt in this

In 2011, 30 regular deer management units (DMU) will have bonus
antlerless carcass tags available. To shoot an antlerless deer in
these 30 units hunters must purchase a unit-specific $12 adult
resident antlerless deer carcass tag ($5 for 10-11 year olds and
$20 for adult nonresident).

Eight regular DMUs are designated as buck only to encourage herd
growth. In these eight units some exceptions may apply to qualified
members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are home on furlough or leave,
Class A and C disabled permit hunters and youth ages 10 through 17
who have an unused statewide antlerless deer carcass tag. For more
details, see the 2011 Deer Hunting Regulations booklet.

Every gun and archery deer hunting license will include an
antlerless carcass tag valid for units designated as Herd Control
or Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). CWD units have unlimited
earn-a-buck (EAB) rules.

If hunters are planning to hunt in any of the 12 state parks
that require access permits for deer hunting, they should plan
accordingly, as many units will sell out quickly. Those interested
in hunting these properties should first check the 2011 Wisconsin
Deer Hunting Regulations or the Hunting Opportunities web page to
learn about weapon restrictions and season dates. Some state parks
that allow deer hunting may not require access permits, but may
have different season dates.

Purchasing a deer hunting license before August 20 can speed up
the permit purchasing process, since hunters must obtain a deer
hunting license before they can purchase a bonus antlerless tag or
state park access permit. Hunters can check for tag or access
permit availability on the DNR website. Tag and permit availability
are updated regularly. Units with relatively low numbers of
available tags can be expected to sell out quickly. Units with a
high number of tags available generally last longer or may not sell

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Dan Hirchert, DNR Wildlife
Biologist, (608) 264-6023


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