Summer sunnies and bluegill locations

I’m getting more questions about where to find big bull
bluegills in the summer. For midsummer sunfish, I start in deep
water locations. Monitor those spots near spawning structure.

Sparse weedflats, deep water near spawning grounds, sand locations:
Those are logical places to start and, of course, will vary a
little especially this year thanks to all the rain that has
affected weed growth.

Other logical places for bull bluegills right now include weed
humps or small sunken islands. The deep side of underwater
structures like sandbars and weed edges are great spots.

Work rock piles and dropoffs near a weed edge. These spots hold the
big bluegills. Small bluegills are in the weeds near shore. And be
fishing by daybreak!

These are finicky fish, so they’ll be sensitive to noise. Beat
other anglers to prime spots, and you’ll find bull bluegills
feeding heavily. You may enjoy some unbelievable fishing.

Another prime location is a wind-blown weed edge where plankton are
piling up and the food chain just compounds up the ladder.

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