Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Ill-conceived water use bill dried up, just like my pond

If, in the first week of June you had bet me that my pond would
be down three feet by the end of July, then you would own the
family farm.

Back then, following a frog-drowner of a spring with
rain-rain-rain, the pond was as high as I had seen it come first of
June in 37 years. But it didn’t take long for some high-test heat
waves and little rain to draw down my quarter-acre of water by a

I am used to large fluctuations in my pond, though this one is more
dramatic than usual. It is a lesson that state lawmakers need to
heed when they go back to the drawing boards to refashion that
ill-conceived, slap-dash replacement for House Bill 231.

Fortunately, Gov. John Kasich has stood up to his fellow
Republicans in the Legislature, which like a posse of reckless
cowboys tried to force an irresponsible water-use bill down
Ohioans’ throats. His veto came thanks in no little part to the
interventions of two former Republican Ohio governors, Bob Taft and
George Voinovich; a former DNR director, Sam Speck, who served
under Taft; and the intercessions of Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder,
also a Republican; and New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew

For the rest of this story, see the Aug. 5 edition of Ohio
Outdoor News.


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