Wants info from old Bob Steiner column on contacting officials

I got this letter recently, and decided that being able to
access this information would be good for readers of my blog,

“Not long ago Bob Steiner wrote a column that included
information about how to contact certain officials, including game
and fish commissioners, politicians and the like.

He supplied phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses.

I have been an avid reader of your paper and look forward to
each issue. I save the articles that help and increase my knowledge
of the outdoors.

But I lost this one. Although I would like to say, my dog ate
it, I cannot blame my beloved English springer, my old friend who
loved to hunt for many years, God rest his soul, I cannot blame

I would appreciate it if you could some way forward this piece
to me. I would like to contact House Game and Fisheries Committee

Roy Price

Breinigsville, Pa.”

(Editor’s note: We sent Roy a copy of Steiner’s column.
Anyone else who wants to read it can click on “How to Complain”
under Related Documents in this blog post.)

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