Overlooking a critical consideration

There is something lost in the Sunday hunting debate.

Dialogue from both sides of the issue picked up steam this week
after the Pennsylvania Game Commission board approved a resolution
supporting Sunday hunting.

Those in favor of Sunday hunting rattled off several points as to
why we should be allowed to hunt seven days a week.

They say it will increase hunting license sales, attract more youth
hunters to the sport, boost the economy and create jobs.


It seems like Sunday hunting is almost like a miracle: one that
will save the sport of hunting and turn our economy around in the

Don’t get me wrong, all the reasons listed by the pro-Sunday
hunting crowd are very good ones. I’d like to see more hunters,
more license sales, more jobs and more money being spent at local

But here’s the problem: At no point in the argument for Sunday
hunting does anyone ever mention the resource.

We are all well aware of what Sunday hunting will do for us, but
let’s stop being so selfish and think about how it could help, or
hurt, the resource.

I’m talking deer, bears, turkeys, pheasants, grouse, rabbits,
squirrels and anything else that is legal to hunt.

What would it mean to the deer population if two Sundays were added
to the two-week rifle season? Can gobblers withstand a month full
of Sunday hunting in the spring… on top of a two-bird limit and
all-day hunting that is already in place?

No, Sunday hunting isn’t about us and it’s not about money.

At least it shouldn’t be.

The debate should be focused first and foremost on what is best for
the resource when it comes to Sunday hunting.

Nobody’s mentioned anything about that yet, even the PGC.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s philosophy is “Resource
First” in reference to the first priority of that agency’s

The PGC and everyone else in support of Sunday hunting should copy
that philosophy and quit being so selfish.


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