Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Hold Governor Dayton to his campaigning words

Campaign promises are made to be broken right? It would seem
that’s a common trend throughout the history of our Republic but
that’s just a cynical way of seeing the world. 

How do you get a politician to honor their word? Get them on the
public record. Make sure that their commitments are published
someplace so that if they break a campaign promise we can use it
against them. That’s what an election cycle is all about. If you
don’t like whoever is in office, you vote them out next time

Getting a politician to go on record can be difficult because they
are often as slippery as a hammer-handle pike and can twist out of
most anything. Just look at what Michelle Bachmann did this past
summer with her on-again, off-again support for the Outdoor Legacy

I had her on record as supporting it and so did Ron Schara and
Dennis Anderson but none of that mattered. As she sets her eyes on
a possible White House bid and maintains herself as the Queen of
the Tea Party, supporting a tax just isn’t favorable (even if the
people supported it-taxation WITH representation).

Former Governor Tim Pawlenty (another White House hopeful) at least
had the decency to honor his no-tax pledge throughout his two

So here we are, a few months into the next Governor’s term and the
political games are just getting fired up. Newly elected Governor
Mark Dayton recently appointed a DNR Commissioner and just released
his state budget.

As the Legislative wrangling gets underway and peaks near the end
of the session, how will he do with his campaign promises? Do we
even remember what he said?

Thankfully, we have his words on record for you to listen to and
hold him accountable to. Conservation issues are often pushed aside
but it’s up to us to remind our elected leaders what they said and
then make sure they follow through.

If you visit www.YouTube.com/WriteOutdoors you’ll find two videos
taken from the Governor’s debate at Game Fair 2010. I’ve gone
through and deleted everything but then-candidate Dayton’s promises
and words for his plans as Governor as they relate to the

Watch it from time to time, reference it as often as you’d like,
and feel free to post on here (or on YouTube) your thoughts on if
he’s living up to what he’s promised to do.

(Note: both videos are embedded with this blog

Listen to what he said about a Commissioner. Do you agree that
he found somebody who met his ideals back in August? Post your
response and let the political discussion begin.

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