MN DNR: Wall of Shame mounts stolen

St. Paul – Thieves have stolen 18 white-tailed deer and other
mounted animals from the DNR. The agency and St. Paul Police
Department are investigating the thefts of the mounts – all killed
by poachers and now part of the DNR’s Wall of Shame.

The thefts, which also included other equipment worth several
thousand dollars, happened sometime between last Friday night and
early Monday morning from the DNR regional offices on Warner Road
in St. Paul.

“All of those (animals) came from TIP calls, so it is a proud
display,” said Capt. Greg Salo, DNR Enforcement manager for Region
3. “It’s not just a loss to us, but it’s a loss to all the hunters
out there who appreciate it.”

The DNR uses the Wall of Shame, sponsored by Turn In Poachers, as
an educational tool. Stolen from the display were 23 mounts: 18
shoulder mounts of trophy bucks; two sets of antlers; a black bear
head and neck mount; a walleye mount; and a turkey tail feather

The thieves also took chainsaws, power tools, and 16 aluminum
snowmobile ramps.

The thieves snipped locks and rummaged through a number of trailers
at the facility, and Salo doubts if the Wall of Shame mounts were
the primary motivation.

“I’m pretty sure these weren’t the target of the theft,” he said.
“There was an opportunity there, so they took it.”

The tools and the metal are more representative of “your typical
theft,” Salo said.

Given the amount of equipment taken – and the fact the deer mounts
are “awkward” to move – “they had to have more than one vehicle, or
else they made a couple of trips,” he said.

They also had to take their time to unscrew each of the mounts from
the display.

“That’s the one trailer every CO hates to have to set up – it’s a
process,” Salo said. “I know how to do it and it takes me a good 45

The DNR asks anyone with information to call the DNR at (651)
259-5838, or the St. Paul Police Department at (651)

“Everybody keep your eyes and ears open for these mounts. Our best
bet for catching these guys is sportsmen and women out there – a
lot of them are angry about it,” Salo said. “I don’t know the value
(of the mounts) but it’s hard to move them without getting


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