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Illinois Cuffs and Collars – Issue 18

Region I

A District 7 CPO completed a permit fraud assignment from the
permit section in Springfield. A Fulton County subject was cited
for providing false information to obtain free property-only deer
hunting permits. The subject had been living away from home for
multiple years, and was using his parent’s address to receive free
permits even though he did not permanently reside with them.

While working at Sunset Park, a CPO checked a group of subjects
fishing. One of the subjects had taken two under-sized walleyes.
Upon checking the subject through the Illinois State Police, he was
also found to be wanted on a warrant. The subject was cited for the
walleyes and arrested for the warrant. One of the other subjects in
the party was a resident of Iowa fishing on an Illinois resident
fishing license. He was also cited.

A Region I CPO was checking fishermen along the Rock River in Rock
Falls when he observed four subjects fishing. A compliance check
found two of the subjects were fishing without a license. The
subjects tried to say they were only watching the poles for their
friends, but had been observed for 15 minutes fishing – and the
friends were more than 100 yards away with their own poles.

A Region I CPO observed a subject fishing at Lake Le Aqua Na and,
upon approaching to perform a compliance check, the subject put
down the pole and looked the opposite direction. When asked for his
license the subject stated he had left it at home. When informed
that it would be checked by computer, the subject asked if it was
good through the end of July. When the CPO explained that the
license expires in March, the subject stated he did not have one.
He was issued a citation for no fishing license.

A District 6 CPO was checking fishermen for compliance with the
Fish Code along the Fox River at Dayton Dam near the city of
Ottawa. One Chicago fisherman was observed fishing on the far south
end of the Dayton Dam property. Upon noticing the officer, the man
ran up the river embankment, through an area of tall weeds into a
wooded area and up onto the entrance road. The officer identified
himself, ordered the man to stop running repeatedly and began
pursuit on foot. The man continued to run west on the entrance
road. The CPO caught the man approximately 200 yards from where the
foot pursuit had begun. The fisherman was handcuffed and taken into
custody. The Chicago man stated that he ran because he did not have
a fishing license. The man was charged with resistance to officers
and fishing without a license, was fingerprinted, posted $100
U.S.C. cash bond, given a court date and was released.

A Region I CPO was checking fishermen at Johnson Sauk Trail when he
observed three male subjects fishing and when they noticed the CPO,
they all started to get anxious and move around nervously. A check
of the subjects revealed that two of the subjects did not have
fishing licenses. The two subjects were issued citations for the
violation and thanked the CPO when he finished giving them the

A District 1 CPO responded to a fight in progress on the
Mississippi River in East Moline at Kay Island. The CPO and a
deputy responded to the island by boat but the island was
unoccupied. While en route to the fight, the CPO was notified by
radio of a capsized watercraft. Local fire departments located the
capsized watercraft downstream from Kay Island as the officers were
trying to locate the fight. It was determined the fight and
capsized boat were the same incident. All passengers of the
capsized watercraft were located and the CPO interviewed all
involved. The men on the boat were involved in a physical fight on
the island which continued into the watercraft eventually leading
to its capsizing. During the altercation, one of the men sustained
a laceration to his forehead. He was transported to the hospital.
The operator of the watercraft admitted to consuming alcoholic
beverages and he completed Boating Field Sobriety Tests. The
operator showed no signs of intoxication. A boat accident report
was completed. Neither party wanted to file criminal charges
against the other.

Region II

A CPO reported a court disposition in an interesting deer case. The
CPO had found a poached buck recently killed in an area where no
hunting is permitted near the Empress Casino. He seized the deer
head and left a seizure tag with contact information for a person
wanting to claim the deer to reach him. Later that winter, a
subject called the law enforcement office claiming that the deer
was his. Subsequent investigation resulted in criminal trespass
charges and filing a false police report filed against the subject.
He was found guilty of criminal trespass and fined $1,750.

A CPO is investigating a boat accident on the Illinois River in
Morris. A subject launched his boat and it stalled. Repeated
attempts to restart resulted in an explosion and subsequent fire.
Both occupants of the boat were able to jump into the water and
seek refuge in the shallow water. The boat burned to the waterline
and is a total loss.

A CPO investigated a vehicle accident at DesPlaines Conservation
Area. A subject was loading a boat onto a trailer and had pulled
forward on the launch ramp, stopped the vehicle to check the tow
strap putting the vehicle in neutral, and when he exited the
vehicle, it rolled back into the Kankakee River becoming completely
submerged. The vehicle was a total loss.

CPOs continue to catch and arrest people sneaking into a local
quarry to fish without permission and to swim. The landowners were
so appreciative of the efforts of District 3 officers that they
purchased and donated a nice set of binoculars for the officers to
use in their enforcement efforts in the area, and have sent written
correspondence to DNR, thanking the agency for the quality
enforcement efforts they have received by District 3 officers
apprehending people fishing without permission, trespassing, and
hunting without permission.

A CPO was checking fishermen at Braidwood Lake when she found two
fishermen without licenses. One was wanted on two warrants; the
other lied about her date of birth and was arrested for obstructing
a police officer.

A CPO issued a citation and multiple warnings to a marina in Lake
County that has been operating a rental boat business on the Chain
O’ Lakes for the past nine years without a rental boat license. The
marina was advertising its services on Craigslist.

Region III

While working a boat detail on the Kaskaskia River south of Lake
Shelbyville, CPOs encountered a Shelbyville man in a boat that was
tied up along the shoreline. The man became nervous when the
officers approached. An empty bullet casing was observed in the
bottom of the boat and when asked about it the man attempted to
throw a box in the boat overboard. The CPO kept the box from going
overboard and discovered that a loaded uncased pistol was in the
box along with meth precursors. The man was arrested and handcuffed
and taken back to the boat ramp. Subsequent investigation revealed
the man was also in possession of meth. The man was incarcerated in
the Shelby County Jail on $10,000 bond.

A CPO arrested three subjects for unlawfully snagging fish on the
Sangamon River below the Lake Decatur spillway.

A CPO is continuing the investigation of a boating accident that
occurred on Lake Shelbyville early in July that resulted in the
sinking of a 33-foot Donzi speed boat. The operator fled from the
scene but was later identified by Conservation Police. The sunken
boat was raised from the lake recently by a recovery company from
southern Illinois. Charges are pending in this investigation.

CPOs responded to a personal watercraft accident on Lake
Shelbyville that resulted in injuries to two women from Sugar Grove
and Batavia, respectively. The operator was jumping wakes behind a
motorboat at a high rate of speed and flew off the watercraft and
sustained head, neck and back injuries when hitting the water. They
were quickly removed from the lake and transported to Shelby
Memorial Hospital.

A CPO is investigating a hit-and-run crash involving boat trailers
at the Wolf Creek State Park boat ramp on Lake Shelbyville. The
reported female driver from Edwardsville left the scene and the
owner of the trailer advised he didn’t know the exact identity of
the driver. Subsequent investigation revealed the license plate
displayed on the trailer did not belong on the trailer and that the
owner had not registered and titled the trailer as required. The
owner, from Vandalia, was cited for the registration

Region IV

A CPO was patrolling the Cahokia Diversion Canal near Lewis and
Clark Historic Site when he observed two subjects unlawfully
snagging below the spillway. The subjects observed him and
attempted to hide their snag hooks. The CPO made contact with them
and questioned why they were illegally snagging. The subject denied
any wrongdoing and became argumentative. The CPO arrested both
subjects and seized their equipment pending forfeiture.

A CPO was patrolling the low water dam area off Chain of Rocks
Road. He observed a subject he had checked earlier in the day
driving a blue Ford truck. The CPO remembered the subject had a
revoked license so he activated a stop on the vehicle. The driver
was arrested for driving revoked and no valid insurance.

A CPO was patrolling Gillespie Lake when he conducted a watercraft
inspection. During the inspection, he noticed the odor of alcohol
on the operator’s breath. The subject failed field sobriety tests.
The subject had a blood-alcohol content of .114.

Region V

A CPO and an intern responded to a reported home invasion and
shooting in rural Fayette County and were the first unit on scene.
Upon arrival the victim was under a door and unresponsive. The CPO
cleared the scene and an ambulance crew treated the victim. The
victim was flown out and interviewed. The story did not match up
with the details on the scene, and the victim admitted to shooting
his dog and then himself before calling in the false report.

A CPO is conducting an abandoned boat investigation concerning a
kayak found on the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau. The
subject who now has the kayak told the CPO his grandfather found
the kayak which was loaded with camping equipment almost five years

A CPO assisted the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department with a
suspected child abduction from the Crab Orchard Refuge campground.
The child and suspect abductors/family members of the complainant
were located in Herrin. The child was fine and a follow-up
investigation into the circumstances of this incident is ongoing by
Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

A CPO and district sergeant assisted the Harrisburg City Police
Department on a vehicle recovery from the city lake. It was
initially reported that a car and young man were missing over a
year ago. A fisherman reported that he was fishing near the launch
and thought he snagged a car part. Officers proceeded to the
location where the CPO located the car approximately 75 yards from
the launch with sonar. A wrecker removed the vehicle with the help
of a local diver. It turned out that the car was stolen from a
nearby town, driven to the lake, and purposely sank. The vehicle
was not the one related to the missing person but rather

A CPO caught two separate groups snagging fish below the Rend Lake

A CPO observed a vehicle parked in a remote location at Ramsey
State Park but could not locate the subject. A few days later he
observed the same vehicle at another location at the park. After
watching the area, he saw a subject in the woods. The subject ran
and threw objects. When the CPO caught up, he observed dirt on the
subject’s knees and under his fingernails. The subject denied any
wrongdoing but eventually admitted to digging ginseng and throwing
the roots upon seeing the CPO. The CPO located several ginseng
plant tops lying by disturbed ground.

CPOs arrested two subjects for digging ginseng out of season,
without permission and without a license. These two are well known
as one just came off revocation in March and the other is currently
revoked until 2013.

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