Ask Fish And Game: One-Day Fishing License

Q. I am an Idaho resident, can I buy a one-day fishing license
and salmon permit? Can I buy a three-day salmon-steelhead

A. Yes, residents can buy a one-day fishing license but not a
three-day salmon-steelhead permit. Residents and nonresidents alike
may buy a “license entitling a person to fish in the waters of the
state on a day-to-day basis.”

A one-day license costs $11.50 plus $5 for each additional day
purchased at the same time, but a one-day license holder can’t buy
a steelhead-salmon permit. Resident anglers must first buy a season
fishing license for $25.75 to buy a steelhead-salmon permit for
$12.75. Nonresidents, however, may buy a three-day combined license
and salmon-steelhead permit for $31.50. The rules do not allow
Idaho residents to buy the nonresident three-day license. (A new
fee bill has passed the state Legislature that may affect
nonresident fees. It has not yet been signed into law.)

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