A clarification about tournaments

I wrote a story a couple of weeks ago about new fishing
tournament rules being discussed at the state Legislature. Among
the multiple provisions is the DNR could allow weigh-ins
at public accesses. I then wrote that a number of muskie, bass, and
northern pike groups support provisions in the bill. Perhaps I
should have been more specific in saying the various groups support
some, but not all, provisions in the bill.

Anyway, wanted to pass along the following, unedited, from John
Underhill, co-chair of the Minnesota Muskie Alliance: “The
Minnesota Muskie Alliance is comprised of all Muskies Inc. Chapters
in the state of MN. Our tournament position is ‘No off-site
weigh-ins of Muskies’. Our work encompasses the regulation,
education, conservation and protection of Muskies. In addition we
value a trophy Northern Pike fishery.”

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