Crab Orchard Lake: Crappie action continues to be good. Minnows
and jigs in 6-8 feet of water around the brush should produce a
nice mess of fish. Around the rocks and bridges about 10 feet deep
is where you’ll find catfish. Jugs, leeches, cut bait and minnows
are the baits of choice. Bass and bluegills are good as well. Wax
worms and crickets for bluegills and anything that makes noise for

Baldwin Lake: Catfish are on the move and those that are being
caught are small. Anglers are tossing crankbaits around rip rap and
catching a few bass. Bluegills are slow but will hit on mealworms
or waxworms occasionally.

Horseshoe Lake: Catfish are the most popular with the anglers
here. The middle of the lake and fairly deep is where they are
being caught with night crawlers at any time of day. Crappies are
slow, and those that are being caught are around the brush piles
about 4 feet deep, using minnows. The bass and bluegill fishing is

Carlyle Lake: White bass are biting well below the spillway,
with a few fish coming from near the trestles and the silos. Whites
also are biting on the main lake on the flats. Channel cats are
good on the lake for anglers drifting or jug fishing with cut bait
or leeches. Good catches reported near Keyesport and Boulder.
Flathead also are biting well, with a 43-pounder caught recently
near the spillway on a bluegill. Cut bait also working as are slab
spoons thrown up along the wall. Crappie fishing is good below the

Lake Murphysboro: Decent numbers and sizes of bluegills are
being reported. They are fairly deep and hit best on crickets, red
wigglers and waxworms. Crappies are fair using minnows around 12
feet deep. Catfish are fair and deep feeding on night crawlers.
Bass are not really being fished for or talked about. Walleyes are
being caught using deeper diving lures.

Kinkaid Lake: Anglers are reporting that the crappie fishing is
starting to pick up nicely. Minnows are the favorite bait in about
12 feet of water around submerged cover. There has not been much
talk about bass, and the catfish are pretty scarce as well.
Bluegills are small but plentiful, hitting on crickets, waxworms
and red wigglers especially off the rock faces.

Lake of Egypt: Crappie fishing is getting better. Around the
points and weed beds seems to be where they are feeding. Anglers
are using minnows and jigs with regular success. Fair describes the
bass fishing around weedbeds using anything plastic. Shrimp has
been a good bait for catfish at night off the shoreline and around
the docks. Bluegills are almost non-existent.

Little Grassy: Anglers can always catch a nice mess of bluegills
using red wigglers, waxworms or mealworms. They are plentiful
around weedbeds and other cover and fairly shallow. A few crappies
are being taken using minnows in 15-20 feet of water. Catfish are
fair around the weedbeds using night crawlers. There are no bass
being reported or weighed in.

Rend Lake: White, striped, yellow and hybrid striped bass and
channel cats are rated good. Anglers are catching the different
species of bass with curly-tailed jigs and large minnows. Drifting
the minnows along the edge of Highway 154 and tossing jigs over the
flat areas of the lake seem to be the most successful. Drifting
with shrimp around the subimpoundment dams, rip rap areas and in
the shallows is what will bring in the channel cats. Largemouths,
bluegills and crappies are still slow. The largemouths that are
being caught are biting on black buzz bait, pig and jig, large
minnows and spinner baits around Jackie branch, Gun Creek and Route
154. White, pink/green, chartreuse jigs and minnows are working on
the crappies in 6 to 10 feet of water around pillars and over
Christmas tree sets. The outlet channel below the dam and shallow
coves with cover are the places where bluegills are being caught
using waxworms, crickets, mealworms and red wigglers.

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