Streak of 60-day duck hunts continues in 07

Springfield For the 11th consecutive year, Illinois waterfowlers
will enjoy a 60-day duck hunting season in all three zones.

This after a stellar 2006-2007 season.

Last season, duck hunters harvested the third highest duck-kill
recorded since state estimates began 26 or so years ago (1981),
said Ray Marshalla, state waterfowl biologist for the DNR.

According to reports from biologists up north, conditions on
duck breeding grounds were generally good this year. There were 7
million ponds in prairie Canada and northern U.S. breeding areas, a
jump of 15 percent over last year and 44 percent above the
long-term average of 4.9 million ponds.

We anticipate a fall duck flight quite a bit larger than 2006,
this due to favorable water levels over a large portion of the
breeding grounds, Marshalla said.

Then, again, hunters need to be aware things could get sabotaged
very quickly.

By things he means weather.

A regular, good northwest wind is needed to bring ducks from the
north. Without those winds, ducks and geese tend to stay on the
Missouri and Iowa side of the Mississippi River.

Some cold rainy days would help, too, Marshalla added.

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