Cooling water pushing fish into fall swing of things


With the falling water temperatures, more fish were being found
closer to shore. Anglers fishing off the piers in Algoma and
Kewaunee have had a pretty good week, with kings, browns, and
rainbows being caught mostly on spoons. Trollers have been coming
in with some better catches, but fishing remained slow. Most
boaters were coming in with kings, but some browns and steelhead
has been caught as well. Browns still were being reported in the
shallower waters off of Algoma. Anglers found most of the fish in
70 to 100 feet on fly and dodger combos.

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Fishing on the Chetek chain has been pretty good overall, but
the walleye fishing has been a little on the slow side. Anglers
have picked up a few fish by trolling the old river channel. Pike
action has been picking up, with live bait doing better than
artificials right now. Spinnerbaits have been drawing northerns out
of the weeds. The bass have moved back to the shorelines. Panfish
have been hanging on points.

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The game fish action has been good. Bass action on spinnerbaits
and surface lures has been decent, and walleye action is picking
up. There has been good muskie action. Panfish have been fairly
active in the evenings near weedbeds.

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Bass are still the big thing in the area. The average smallie
has been over 18 inches. Fish rock or sand, but the deep weeds also
are producing nice fish. Largemouth bass are taking longer plastic
worms dropped into the weeds in the 6- to 12- foot range.
Panfishing is popular right now, and deeper weed edges remain the
key. Perch and bluegills are taking leeches and worms in deeper
water. Walleyes are hitting large fatheads or redtails during
low-light periods. Work the weeds in 6 to 10 feet. During the day,
fish deep holes with rocky bottoms, with a slip bobber or jig
rigged with a crawler or leech. Depending on the lake, walleye
anglers are fishing over 30 or more feet of water. Muskies are
somewhat elusive right now. While there have been plenty of
sightings, the catching has been sporadic. Fish early and late,
using topwaters, jerkbaits, big spinners, or other noisy lures
around weeds or structure.

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Perch fishing has been very good on Green Bay, with the best
action coming on the west side of the bay at Geano’s Beach and
Pensaukee. Fish have been ranging up to 131/2 inches in 9 to 15
feet of water on weed edges. Perch fishing has been a bit spotty at
Bayshore Park. Catfishing on the Fox River has been super, with
good numbers of big fish being caught on a variety of baits.
Walleye action has been scattered, with some of the bigger fish
coming from the northern end of the bay. The best action has been
on crawler harnesses. Action on bigger smallmouth bass has picked
up, with Larson’s Reef and the Sturgeon Bay canal being two of the
best areas. There have been no monster muskies to report, but
angler activity is increasing as fall draws near.

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Crappie action it starting to kick in; the action isn’t super
wild, but the fishing is better than it has been in a while.
Walleyes are still in 30 to 40 feet of water on the big, deep
lakes, but they’re hitting crawlers on weed edges. Indications have
been growing that walleyes soon again will prefer minnows. Anglers
also are catching a few muskies; the muskies are like the walleyes
– either real deep or on weed edges. Surface lures are working over
the weeds, and there is still a lot of night fishing going on for

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Sheboygan shore fishing has been slow overall, but a few
chinooks have been taken off the piers on spoons. Trolling has
tapered off, with boaters reporting only a few fish per trip.
Chinooks and rainbows have been taken on spoons and J-plugs 40 to
90 feet down in 100 to 120 feet of water.

Port Washington shore fishing has been slow, but trollers have
been catching chinooks and a few rainbows and cohos. Most fish have
been caught in 90 to 125 feet of water on spoons or dodger and fly

Shore fishing in Milwaukee has been slow, with only a few
chinooks taken off McKinley pier on glow spoons. Perch fishing has
been slow for shore anglers and boaters. Trollers have been
catching chinooks, along with a few cohos and lake trout, 70 feet
down in 100 to 120 feet of water.

In Racine, near-shore waters remain dirty, and shore fishing has
been slow. Trollers have been catching good numbers of chinooks in
40 to 60 feet of water.

Perch fishing in Kenosha has been hit or miss for shore anglers
in Southport Marina. Crab tails and minnows have produced the most
fish. Boaters continued to catch perch at the bubbler, with the
best catches coming during the morning hours. Trollers have been
catching good numbers of chinooks in 40 to 60 feet of water.

In Washington, eastern Fond du Lac, and inland Sheboygan
counties, action has been fairly good and is likely to improve with
fall weather. Some perch were being caught at Big Cedar Lake.
Largemouth bass action remains good. Trout are feeding on
grasshoppers in meadow sections of the Onion River.

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Anglers are still catching perch, and good numbers of them, on
Lake Winnebago. On the west side they were catching them all the
way from Neenah down to the big island at Wendt’s, and across the
lake at Fisherman’s Road. They’re picking up bluegills right along
with the perch. There’s very little to report for walleyes. The
fishing has been slow on Winnebago and Lake Poygan. A few catfish
and white bass were coming in from the Fox River.

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Lake Mendota bluegills are hitting on the bars, and also from
the weed edges out to 50 feet. Anglers are drifting and fishing
right below the boat. Smallies have been active on the bars on Lake
Mendota. Anglers trolling on Lake Monona are finding muskies in
deeper water. Those casting lures have seen muskies along the
Monona weed edges. Monona bluegills are also hitting, but they’re
scattered. On Lake Waubesa, anglers are drifting the north and
south ends of the lake for panfish.

In Jefferson County, anglers were having good luck on channel
catfish on the Upper Rock and Crawfish rivers by the Jefferson dam
and by Hubbleton. Some white bass were biting in the same

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Anglers had a fair week of fishing despite unfavorable weather
conditions that made fishing difficult at times. Successful
trollers landed many chinooks, and a few also caught fair numbers
of lake trout and browns. Trollers found the greatest success in 70
to 100 feet with spoons or dodger and fly combos. Pier anglers had
slow fishing, only landing a few chinooks from the north pier.
Anglers fishing inside the harbor had a good week with some nice
smallmouths. Anglers trolling on Lake Michigan out of Two Rivers
had a fair week when the weather allowed anglers to get out on the
lake. Most anglers fished in 75 to 110 feet of water. Anglers
fishing from the Two Rivers north pier had a good week, landing
several large chinooks.

CUB Radio report, (920) 683-6816.


Sturgeon hook-and-line season will begin Sept. 1 with new
regulations on the Menominee River. There will be catch-and-release
only below the Hattie Street dam; above the dam there is a size
limit of 60 inches. A fishing license is required, along with a
sturgeon tag, available at all license vendors for $20 for
residents and $50 for nonresidents. The season will continue
through Sept. 30 with a limit of one fish per season. Anglers
fishing near Little River were catching and releasing small yellow

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Walleye fishing was very good just before the rain. Deep-water
fish were taking large fatheads and half crawlers on 1/8-ounce jigs
on gravel humps/mud transition lines in 22 to 36 feet of water.
When the weather warmed, walleyes were on 10-foot weed edges taking
leeches and redtails. Water temps averaged 67 to 70 degrees. On
cold mornings, move out to deeper water as surface temps drop into
the low 60s. Muskies showed glimpses of hot action toward evening
in cabbage beds of 10 to 12 feet on surface lures, and then
bucktails. Smallmouth bass action was off from two weeks ago, but
they are responding well on warm afternoons. Largemouth bass action
is good. Try spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits on warm
afternoons. For cooler days, try Senko-style worms in weed pockets.
Panfish action has been fair.

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The lake level appears to be about normal. Many people have been
out catching white bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and

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As of late August, cleanup was still under way from flooding
earlier in the month. The rivers are dropping and most of the roads
are open. All main highways are open. After the rain, the
Mississippi River crested near 14 feet. The Kickapoo River flood
was the worst in history. The Wisconsin River also rose quickly and
flooded low-lying homes and cropland. As of Aug. 27, the
Mississippi River was at 10 feet, and was expected to drop to the
8-foot mark after Labor Day weekend, depending on rain. The
Kickapoo and Wisconsin rivers are started to drop, but at a slower
rate than the Mississippi. Navigating the river systems is
dangerous because there still is a lot of debris floating
downstream. Many boat landings on the Mississippi River were full
of weeds. Fishing action was pretty poor because of the high water.
Few anglers were out last week. Once the river drops a bit more,
action will pick up. Anglers were able to find some active bass in
flooded areas. A few walleyes were taken off wing dams. Trout
fishing was disrupted by the high water, but flow has now settled
out, and streams cleared up and are in good shape.

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Both species of bass are active right now. Fish largemouths in 2
to 8 feet of water in the weeds, brush piles, and wood. Use a tube
jig, or run a plastic white rat over the tops of the weeds or lily
pads. The smallies are out on the sides of midlake humps in 12 to
20 feet of water. For northerns, troll on the deeper area lakes in
40 to 50 feet of water, using a Dipsy Diver. Anglers also are
catching pike in weedbeds in 4 to 12 feet of water. Walleye action
has picked up a bit, mostly on the sides of midlake humps in 16 to
20 feet of water. Use a jig and a crawler. Other anglers are
getting decent action by trolling for walleyes in 15 to 16 feet of
water, using a crawler harness. Muskie action is a tad quiet, but
fish are being caught. Try drop-offs or weed edges in 6 to 15 feet
with a bucktail or jerkbait.

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Boaters need to use caution on the Wisconsin River and
surrounding lakes due to the flooding. Sand bars and other
obstacles in the river will have changed due to the high water.
Boaters are reminded that there will be lots of floating debris.
Water levels are returning to normal, and fishermen are moving
around now to figure out where the fish are located.

Wilderness Fish and Game, (608) 643-2433.


Anglers are catching bluegills and largemouth bass on Upper and
Lower Clam lakes. The lakes are low, but fishermen are moving
around looking for fish. Crappies and bass are hitting on Big Sand,
and anglers are starting to land some muskies on Yellow Lake.

Big Mike’s Outdoor Sports, (715) 349-2400.

Fur, Fin and Feathers Sports, (715) 349-8445


Cooler water temperatures recently resulted in improved salmon
and trout action on the big lake. Anglers continued to bring in
respectable catches, including some nice brown and rainbow trout.
The early morning bite remained the most productive. Anglers
fishing the Bank Reef continue to report success on fly and dodger
combos fished 50 to 75 feet down along the edges, early in the day.
Later in the day, anglers found fish in 70 to 100 feet of water
while fishing fly and dodger combinations 75 to 85 feet down. Off
Baileys Harbor the action continued to be good in 70 to 100 feet of
water. Washington Island, Ellison Bay, and Rowley’s Bay anglers
also reported fish. Northern pike fishing continued to improve. The
weedbeds in front of the marines and along the channel in Sturgeon
Bay, as well as from Little Sturgeon, Riley’s, and Sand Bays all
produced nice pike. Smallmouth bass action also seems to be
improving at Little Sturgeon, Riley’s Bay, and the Sturgeon Bay
flats. Tube jigs and goby-imitating baits continued to produce some
nice smallmouths in the deeper waters. Crawler harnesses and
crankbaits fished in 12 to 15 feet of water should produce walleyes
around Larsen’s Reef and Monument Shoals. Perch fishing remained on
the slow side.

Stevenson Pier Mini Mart, (920) 824-5222.


Muskie fishing is very good on bigger baits such as Suicks,
Bulldawgs, Depthraiders, and bucktails in 6 to 12 feet of water,
while anglers work the rocks. Walleye fishing is also good. Fish
rocks in 4 to 8 feet of water with a jig and crawler. The northern
pike are hitting muskie baits. A 38-incher recently was caught. Big
bucktails and Suicks seem to attract the big pike. Crappie action
is very good. Limits are being taken by working timber in the river
with a jig and a minnow.

Hooksetters, (715) 693-5843.

Wisconsin Angling Adventures, (715) 297-7573.

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