Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

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Great Lakes and inland action still going strong


The winds were somewhat variable – some days calm and other days
with strong winds. This has kept the water temperatures down and
fish scattered out some. Anglers fishing off the pier and in the
harbor in Kewaunee had another good week. Kings and some browns and
rainbows are still being caught on silver spoons and live bait.
Algoma pier anglers reported very slow fishing, but trollers have
been coming in with good catches of kings and rainbows, along with
a few lakers, browns, and cohos. Trollers are fishing in shallower
waters, as the fish have still been holding close to shore – mostly
in depths of about 50 to 120 feet. Fish are being caught anywhere
from the surface all the way down to 100 feet. Dipsies and J-plugs
seem to be performing the best of all the baits.

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The game fish and panfish action was good again last week, with
bass and northern pike leading the way. There also has been some
very good muskie action

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Fishing on the bay was rather slow last week. High winds and
some thunderstorms made getting on the water difficult. Water temps
fluctuated due to high winds and currents moving in cold water from
Lake Michigan. Very few limits of yellow perch have been caught,
but some anglers have found fish in the Sturgeon Bay canal, and
also some small perch, bluegills, and pumpkinseeds have been caught
off the piers in Little Sturgeon Bay. Walleye action has remained
fairly steady, but fewer fish are being reported throughout the
bay. Some shore anglers have had some luck along the Fox River with
an occasional walleye. The best walleye fishing has been along the
west shore of Green Bay, mostly near the Oconto shoals and Geano’s
Beach. The catfish action on the Fox River is ridiculous – they’re
all over. Two catfish close to 30 pounds were caught last week.

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In Sheboygan, shore anglers fishing the north and south piers
have been catching good numbers of chinooks after dark and in the
pre-dawn hours. Glow-in-the-dark or blue and silver spoons have
taken the most fish, although alewives also produced a few chinooks
off the north pier. Trollers off Sheboygan have been catching
mostly chinooks, along with occasional rainbows and cohos. Fish
have been found 30 to 50 feet down in 50 to 80 feet of water.

In Port Washington, pier anglers fishing with glow spoons or
alewives have been catching a few chinooks in the early morning
hours. Shore anglers fishing near the power plant have been
catching some small browns on spawn. Trollers have been catching
mostly chinooks and a few cohos and rainbows in 50 to 80 feet water
on spoons, flies, and J-plugs.

In Milwaukee, shore anglers have been catching perch in the
mornings off Cupertino pier. Boaters looking for perch have found
good numbers at the main gap, as well as at the Oak Creek Power
Plant and the boils. Anglers fishing off McKinley pier have been
catching good numbers of chinooks, along with a few browns and
rainbows, mostly between midnight and dawn, on glow spoons and
alewives. Trollers have been catching good numbers of chinooks,
along with a few cohos, lake trout, rainbows, and browns in 45 to
65 feet of water on spoons and J-plugs.

In Racine, perch fishing for shore anglers has been sporadic.
Boaters continue to find a few fish at the bubbler and off the
rocks near the DeKoven Center. Jigs, minnows, and crab tails all
have been productive at times. Pier anglers have been catching
steelhead and a few browns on spawn sacs or spoons. Trollers have
been catching good numbers of chinooks, steelhead, and some cohos
on green or white spoons in 45 to 90 feet.

In Kenosha, boat anglers have been catching perch at the bubbler
and at the breakwall on jigs, minnows, and crab tails. Shore
anglers in the harbor have been catching good numbers of brown
trout late in the day and after dark on white tube jigs and silver
spoons. Trollers have been catching chinooks and cohos in 40 to 80
feet of water on green spoons or large dodger and fly combinations
in white, green, or blue.

In Walworth and inland Racine and Kenosha counties, largemouth
bass fishing is very good on most lakes in 10 to 18 feet of water
on plastics, crawlers, and leeches. Northern pike are biting on
suckers in 20 to 35 feet of water on the deeper lakes. Anglers
using large bucktails are catching some nice muskies. River fishing
at Burlington and Waterford is good for channel catfish and
smallmouth bass.

In Washington, eastern Fond du Lac, and inland Sheboygan
counties, bluegill and crappie fishing has been pretty good on Pike
and Big Cedar in Washington County and Little Elkhart Lake in
Sheboygan County. Other lakes likely are producing well also. Most
of the action is early and late in the day. Trout fishing has been
very good in the ‘special regs’ section of the Onion River near

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Anglers are finding some good perch action, mostly on the west
side from Neenah down to Cemetery Road. Some of the better-size
fish are in 12 to 16 feet. Walleye action has been steady on Lake
Winnebago. Lot of the anglers are picking up walleyes while fishing
perch with live bait.

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Fishing was pretty good last week, with northern pike and
muskies hitting well. Small crankbaits seemed to be working the
best. Bass fishing also has been good. Guys have been hitting the
piers with plastic worms and spinnerbaits. On the panfish side,
perch fishing has been good in deeper water on live bait.

The Landing, (920) 398-2620.


Lake Mendota is still producing perch in 20 to 24 feet of water
in a number of areas, including Spring Harbor and Governor’s
Island. A lot of white bass are being caught on trolled crankbaits,
and smallmouth bass are active on the bars in 18 to 20 feet. Lakes
Monona and Waubesa have been showing action on suspended bluegills,
with the Waubesa bluegills going a little bigger – up to 8 inches.
There are a lot of bluegills in 14 to 30 feet of water. There has
been some muskie action on weed edges, but not a lot. Walleyes are
a bit slow.

In Jefferson County, anglers are catching channel catfish and a
few flatheads below the lower dam in Watertown. A few 2- to
4-pounders have been caught. Anglers are catching them mostly on
stinkbaits and worms. On Rock Lake, bluegills are suspended in 40
feet of water, about halfway down at the thermocline. They’re
biting on spikes, plastics, and wax worms.

In Iowa County, anglers are catching smallmouths on the
Wisconsin River upstream of the Arena boat landing on white
spinners, and also near the Hwy. 14 bridge near Spring Green. The
evening seems to be the best time. Walleyes are hitting on Beetle
Spins about a mile downstream of the Arena landing on the Iowa
County side of the river. Walleyes also have been biting near
Spring Green at Hwy. 23 and Hwy. 14, and near the rock wall at
Peck’s landing.

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Trollers didn’t have to travel far from shore last week, with
most of the action in 30 to 50 feet of water. Anglers were landing
large catches of rainbow trout and chinooks, along with a few
lakers and cohos. The larger rainbows ranged from 10 to 13 pounds;
the chinooks were 16 to 18 pounds. Pier anglers caught good numbers
of chinooks, along with a few rainbows, on spoons in the early
morning and late evening. In Two Rivers, salmon and trout fishing
was excellent for pier anglers and trollers. Boat anglers had
good-sized catches of salmon and rainbow trout in 20 to 50 feet of
water, with lines fished from 15 feet to 35 feet. Pier anglers had
a great week on some nice kings and a few rainbows. Anglers
launching at Two Rivers and traveling upstream on the West Twin
River had a great week of smallmouth bass fishing. A few northern
pike were reported, as well.

CUB Radio report, (920) 683-6816.


Action has been picking up on Green Bay for salmon and brown
trout on the north and west sides of Green Island in 60 feet of
water. The walleye action has slowed down, but anglers are still
catching them in the Menominee River. Smallmouth bass are going
crazy in the river – it doesn’t seem to matter where you cast.
Bluegills are a bit deeper, in about 8 to 10 feet of water near
weeds or lily pads. Several muskies just short of the legal 50-inch
limit have been caught in the river.

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Lots of changing weather kept fishermen on their toes last week.
Fishing was good before the storms, but lightening shut things down
afterward. Muskie action was very good before the lightening. The
area saw very good top-water action early on cloudy days. Bucktails
also scored well in the weeds. There have been excellent reports
from open-water anglers casting big crankbaits and plugs.
Smallmouth bass action has been very good, at times, with deep
rocks still the best place to begin. Use leeches and crawlers on
jigs over deep rocks (26 to 32 feet). Use tubes around shallower
rocks. Walleye action has been good on natural lakes for those
willing to fish deep. Sandgrass flats in 17 to 26 feet away from
coontail edges have been the best. Most of the flowage bites have
dropped off, except for the Willow. Largemouths are taking
shallow-running crankbaits and spinnerbaits over weed tops.

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All three major rivers in the Crawford County area are very low.
On the Mississippi, wing and closing dams, dead heads, logs, mud
flats, and sand bars are now exposed or very close to the surface.
The low water on the Wisconsin River creates navigation problems,
but numerous sandbars are exposed, creating ideal camping and
relaxing areas. Most of the trout streams are in good shape.
Bluegills have been biting on the Mississippi, where anglers were
having good success on wing dams and in deeper sloughs. The Ambro
Slough Complex continues to produce some nice bluegills in the
trees. Some very nice catches of bluegills have been reported in
the East Channel near Indian Isle and along the Iowa side of the
main channel. Many anglers are ‘dead-lining’ bluegills in deep
water. Crappie, perch, and white bass action has been spotty –
anglers have had to search for action this week. Some better perch
action was reported in the backwaters south of the Lansing dike.
Watch for white bass surface-feeding, then cast a spinner or
anything else flashy into the school. Walleye fishing was pretty
good. Anglers have been trolling the area south of the Roseau
Slough. Probably the best areas to try are the wing dams. Trolling
or working wing dams with crankbaits has produced some nice fish.
In the area of the ‘S’ curve near Harpers Ferry, many anglers have
been drifting with jigs and nightcrawlers, or trolling, with fair
success. Some anglers are drifting or trolling the west shoreline
below Harper’s Ferry slough in about 10 feet of water. Bass fishing
on the Mississippi River has been good for decent fish on plastics
and spinnerbaits. Smallmouth bass action has been decent on wing
dams, slough closures, and rocky shorelines. Smallie action on the
Wisconsin River was very good last week. Catfish are really
starting to bite on the Mississippi and Wisconsin on stink baits
and nightcrawlers. Trout anglers report pretty good action.

Stark’s Sport Shop, (608) 326-2478.


Big Clam has seen steady action for largemouth bass and northern
pike. Catfish action has been tremendous in the area. Big Sand Lake
is producing panfish and bass.

Big Mike’s Outdoor Sports, (715) 349-2400.

Fur, Fin and Feathers Sports, (715) 349-8445


Bluegill and crappie fishing has been just phenomenal. The fish
are on the deep side of weedlines in 8 to 12 feet. Use jigs and
waxies. Some lakes are still producing very good walleye and
smallmouth bass action, mostly on crawlers and leeches.

AAA Sports Shop, (715) 635-3011.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the fishing
remained good to excellent last week for most species. Out of
Sturgeon Bay, anglers fishing the Bank Reef early in the day
reported success along the edges with fly and dodger combos fished
in the top 60 feet. Later in the day, the action moved into 160 to
300 feet of water. Off of Baileys Harbor, the action remained very
good, with anglers fishing 40 to 50 feet down in 60 to 80 feet of
water. Rowley’s Bay, Ellison Bay, Sister Bay, and the waters off of
Washington Island all continue to report nice catches of trout and
salmon. The bigger smallies seem to be somewhat scattered. Early in
the morning try topwater lures and spinnerbaits in 5 to 15 feet of
water. Later in the day, the smallies seem to be in 20 to 30 feet
of water. Tube jigs and crawler harnesses appear to be the thing in
deeper water. Walleyes are hitting crankbaits and crawler harnesses
at Larson’s Reef, Monument Shoals, Chambers Island, and the area
off of Peninsula State Park. Perch fishing seems to have slowed
down, although anglers willing to look for the fish are still able
to find limits. The southern shore of Green Bay, along with Little
Sturgeon, Riley’s Bay, and the waters off of Chaudoir’s dock
continue to produce perch in 20 to 30 feet of water.

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